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Urgent call for volunteers across the West of England to take part in a new COVID-19 vaccine study

Volunteers from across the West of England are being called upon to join another leading phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine study, as researchers around the world continue to work to secure a range of vaccines to help tackle coronavirus.

Phase 3 studies involve many thousands of people, giving researchers insights into the effects of a vaccine on a much larger population than phase 1 and 2 studies.


Volunteers from a variety of age groups and backgrounds, including some of the thousands who have registered to be contacted about vaccine studies through the NHS COVID-19 Vaccine Research Registry, will soon be contacted about taking part in this study. In the West of England the vaccinations will take place in Bristol, at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW) and North Bristol NHS Trust, with follow up happening locally for participants from Bath, Swindon and Gloucestershire.

To date, over 300,000 people have signed up to the NHS COVID-19 Vaccines Research Registry to take part in vital coronavirus vaccine studies. With a range of vaccine types needed to ensure people across the UK have access to one that works for as many people as possible, researchers are calling for volunteers to continue to sign up to take part in clinical studies. With several more phase 3 studies for potential vaccine studies expected to start over the next six months, researchers are highlighting the need for volunteers from across the UK to continue to join the fight against coronavirus. In particular the NHS COVID-19 registry needs volunteers who are most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus, including frontline health and social care workers and people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.

Dr Rajeka Lazarus, a consultant in infectious diseases and microbiology at UHBW and Principal Investigator for vaccine studies in the West of England said:

“Vaccines are the most effective way of controlling COVID-19, and the announcement of this latest vaccine study in the West of England is another step towards finding a safe and effective solution for the virus.

“While the progress being made is positive, we need to ensure that all possible options are investigated so we can find a vaccine, or combination of vaccines, that provide long-lasting safe protection for everyone.

“To help us make sure that the vaccines developed will work for everyone, we need people from all backgrounds to volunteer to take part in the vaccine trials.

Sign-up on line

Anyone living in the UK can sign up via the ensemble website 

More information can be found: NHS.UK/coronavirus

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Janssen Vaccine Study

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Thousands of volunteers are needed to take part in the new Janssen two-dose vaccine study, now open in the West of England.