Exceptional Healthcare Awards 2018: Patient Safety Champion

As we count down to the staff Exceptional Healthcare Awards, supported by Southmead Hospital Charity, on November 9 we are showcasing the shortlisted nominees in each category.

Today we are featuring the people who are up for the award in the Patient Safety Champion category, which recognises teams or individuals who have improved patient safety and/or reduced risk either in a defined area or across the whole organisation.

Here are their nominations:

Dominique Duma & Reston Smith, Intensive Care Unit

In the Positive Incident Management System, Dominique and Reston have conceived and implemented an approach to patient safety that challenges a traditional reactive approach, seeks to learn from excellence in clinical practice and also ensures that this excellence is replicated for patients. 

In the November 2014 Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection, Critical Care was rated as ‘requires improvement’. The staff survey showed that morale was low. Their improvements were specifically commented on in the most recent CQC inspection, in which safety in Critical Care in North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) had improved to 'good 'and they were also shortlisted for the Health Services Journal Patient Safety Award 2018.

Lucy Kirkham, Consultant Anaesthetist and Lead for Elective Surgery

Since April 2016, Lucy has been working to improve compliance with the Five Steps to Safer Surgery checklist in theatres. Lucy has championed many projects including auditing and improving data collection, editing the checklist to optimise compliance and using the staff Happy App to report back the outcomes of the theatre debrief. 

Lucy’s work has significantly contributed to the Safer Surgery compliance rate increase from 70% to 88% in the last 18 months and to improve the Debrief section from 29% to 70% in the same time period. In addition to this Lucy has worked hard in a number of other projects in the last four years, reducing risks caused by unnecessary delays.

North Bristol NHS Trust Patient Safety Champion shortlist for Exceptional Healthcare Awards 2018

Natasha Flynn, Healthcare support worker

Natasha ‘ Tash’ Flynn is a healthcare support worker on the Elgar Enablement Unit. Since Tash has joined the unit, she has developed many skills in patient safety. Tash is a falls lead and supports the team if a patient falls, making staff aware of the ‘falls box’ devised by the unit, containing the necessary documentation.

As part of this role Tash also supports staff members after a fall and works closely with the unit’s practice development nurse to ensure staff’s training compliance is maintained. Tash has also confidently contributed to meetings and provided vital information to support the unit’s’ commitment to reduced falls. Tash also undertakes meaningful activities with patients to support their enablement.

Samantha Matthews, Nurse Consultant Infection Prevention Control and Tissue Viability 

Working collaboratively with a wide range of professionals, for over 15 years, Sam has transformed control of infection and tissue viability, reducing risk to life and limb for all patients within NBT. 

Her unerring commitment to patient safety has particularly been demonstrated in caring for burns patients and in Intensive Care.

Publication of infection data has led the way for clinical audit; an exemplar model for quality improvement. Sam has driven education initiatives, including mandatory training, for all staff, disseminating good practice. To excel in this arena requires dedication, unwavering insistence on high standards, generosity of spirit, humour and old fashioned kindness.

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