Update on Cossham Birth Centre

We have been advised by NHS South Gloucestershire that in line with progress on the redevelopment of the Cossham Hospital site, Cossham Birth Centre will not be opening in October 2012 as planned.

We hope to be able to confirm soon when Cossham Birth Centre will be able to take bookings from women wishing to give birth there.

Cossham Birth Centre will be the first free-standing birth centre in Bristol offering a safe alternative to home or the traditional hospital based birth setting.

Healthy women with a straightforward pregnancy in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset will soon be able to choose to give birth at Cossham Birth Centre. 

Cossham Birth Centre will also accept bookings from women who live outside of this area, including a small number of GP surgeries in the Chepstow area.

The birth centre is led by an experienced team of NHS midwives and promotes natural childbirth.

Facilities at the birth centre have been designed to provide comfort and support in labour, including:

  • Four en-suite birth rooms furnished with floor mats, cushions and birthing balls to support you in a natural labour and birth.
  • A water pool in each birth room, should you choose to relax in labour and/or give birth in water.
  • Complementary therapies including aromatherapy and massage, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), Entonox (gas and air), and Pethidine to help with labour.
  • A double bed in each room, so that your partner can stay with you and your baby after the birth.
  • Use of a communal kitchen and dining area where light snacks will be available.

Building work on the birth centre is part of the wider Cossham Community Hospital redevelopment.

Click here for more information about Cossham Birth Centre.

Date released: April 20 2012