70 Years of the NHS

The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018, and we need your help

70 Years of the NHS

We have the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most beloved institutions and to showcase the wide array of opportunities being created by advances in science, technology and information, and to thank the extraordinary NHS staff – our everyday heroes – for always being there and caring for their communities.

Over the last 70 years, the NHS has transformed the health and wellbeing of the nation and become the envy of governments around the world. It was founded on the principle of free high quality health care for all, and has evolved to meet our changing needs through new treatments, pioneering surgeries and technical innovations – helping us live longer and better lives.

It is thanks to the NHS that we have all but eradicated diseases such as polio and diphtheria, and pioneered new surgeries and treatments for people with heart disease, cancer, pregnancy complications, etc. The NHS continues to drive innovations in patient care, including mechanical thrombectomy to improve stroke survival, bionic eyes to restore sight, and surgical breakthroughs such as hand transplants. Some of these ground-breaking procedures were first performed at our very own Southmead Hospital and other North Bristol NHS Trust sites – and we’ll be sharing these stories over the coming months.

Looking to the future, the NHS is becoming more integrated and investing in new medicines, genetic research and digital technologies like apps and artificial intelligence, which will ensure we continue to live longer and healthier lives.

None of this would be possible without the skill, dedication and compassion of NHS staff, as well as the many volunteers, charities and communities that support us.

We’ll also be telling these everyday hero stories – the midwives who deliver us into the world; the pharmacists who advise and treat us; the nurses, doctors and other clinicians who come to our aid when the unexpected happens; the research teams that are at the forefront of innovation; the therapists who help us in our journey to recovery; the porters who keep our hospitals moving; the support staff that keep our services running; and so many others.

70 Years of the NHS

So how can I help celebrate the NHS' 70th?

The 70th birthday of the NHS provides us with the opportunity to remind you of all the ways in which you can support your local health care services – from joining us as a member of staff; volunteering for our Trust; or fundraising for our Southmead Hospital Charity.

In addition, we’re planning a range of activities across all of our sites to celebrate this occasion, but we would also like to share the memories of our staff (past and present), patients and local people. If you have a story to share, memorabilia related to the NHS or historic photos you would like to share please get in touch by email on NHS70@nbt.nhs.uk.

We’d love to hear from people who:

• share the same birthday as the NHS – 5 July 1948;
• were born at Southmead Hospital and your children were born at Southmead Hospital;
• used to work for one of our hospitals and were part of a pioneering team or surgery
• are a generation of NHS workers;
• have a long standing individual or family connection with our hospitals;
• have photographs, old uniforms or surgical equipment, x-rays, etc.

We are planning a series of events which will include displays of the NHS through the decades and anything you’re willing to share would make a valuable contribution.

We look forward to hearing your stories, and celebrating this milestone with all of those connected to North Bristol NHS Trust – please watch this space for information on upcoming activities.

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