National Inpatient Survey – Care Quality Commission Report

Patients highly rated the services, care and treatment they received at North Bristol NHS Trust in the 2013 survey. This year 76% of patients said they would rate the care as good/excellent.

A random sample of 850 patients was selected from patient lists and 428 patients responded. Each year a different group of patients is sampled – 63% of respondents were in the 60+ age group. 

The results of the survey have highlighted many positive aspects of the patient experience including an increase in patients being asked to give their views on quality of care, staff helping to control pain and specialist information being given to patients on planned admissions.

Other examples showing areas of improvement include:

  • Confidence in doctors: patients rated that they always had confidence and trust (79%)
  • Hospital: patients said toilets and bathrooms were very/fairly clean (90%)

Improving discharge processes and patient’s getting a choice of food continue to be priorities for the Trust. Other improvement areas for the year ahead include developing a ‘Welcome Booklet’ available for the Brunel building opening and finding staff (generally and including doctors) to talk to about any concerns. These will be monitored by the Patient Experience Group.  CQC analysis has also highlighted ‘Cleanliness of hospital ward or room’ and ‘Overall treated with dignity and respect’ as other areas for concern also.