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Emergency Preparedness Resilience & Response

The requirements placed on health service providers, with regard to their preparations for dealing with unusual and unexpected events by NHS England is as follows:

“The NHS needs to plan for, and respond to, a wide range of incidents and emergencies that could affect health or patient care. These could be anything from extreme weather conditions to an outbreak of an infectious disease or a major transport accident. The Civil Contingencies Act (2004) requires NHS organisations, and providers of NHS-funded care, to show that they can deal with such incidents while maintaining services.

This programme of work is referred to in the health community as emergency preparedness, resilience and response (EPRR). New arrangements for local health EPRR form some of the changes the Health and Social Care Act 2012 is making to the health system in England.”

North Bristol NHS Trust is required to have emergency plans and business continuity arrangements. As an NHS Trust we are required to work to the Care Quality Commission Guidance about Compliance, Essential Standards of Quality and Care, Health & Social Care Act 2008 and the Core Standards for Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response.

The Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response assurance provides a comprehensive review of planning should the Trust be required to respond to an emergency. The Emergency Planning Unit is responsible for assuring the Board and external partners; on this occasion NHS England. The Trust’s Contingency Planning Steering Group monitors progress and agrees further actions.

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