Our Strategies

North Bristol NHS Trust Strategy 2016 - 2021

Please find our Trust strategy which has been developed for the period 2016 - 2021 to provide focus and clarity of direction for the organisation and its stakeholders. It takes into account detailed analysis of the Trust, activity, quality, performance, outcomes, opportunities and challenges, and has been informed by clinician, staff and patient views.


PDF icon North Bristol NHS Trust 5 year strategy.pdf

PDF icon5 year strategy on a page.pdf

North Bristol NHS Trust Towards an Estate Strategy 2015 - 2020

The Estate Strategy describes where the Trust is today in terms of its facilities and sites. More importantly, it looks at where it wants to be in the future in relation to 5 key objectives which support the estate vision.

Download PDF icon North Bristol NHS Trust Towards an Estate Strategy 2015 - 2020.pdf

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals’ Strategy 2017-2021

To define our shared professional objectives to be implemented by all of us in our particular settings over the next five years.

Download PDF iconNursing Midwifery Strategy 2017.pdf

Digital Vision 2018-2022

Our Digital Vision is an ambitious strategy that presents the need for changing the culture through digitally enabled transformation combined with an opportunity for accelerated delivery and a focus on collaboration.

Download PDF iconNorth Bristol NHS Trust Digital Vision.pdf

Sustainable Development Management Plan 2018-2019

In response to the NHS Sustainability Strategy, we have prepared a Trust Board approved Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP). The SDMP sets out how we will deliver the vision of the National Sustainability Strategy here at North Bristol NHS Trust. The SDMP is updated annually.

Download PDF iconSustainable Development Management Plan 2018-2019.pdf