Acute Back Pain Research Involvement Opportunity

We are looking for members of the public to help us improve the care we provide to adults attending the Emergency Department with acute back pain. We are looking for:

  • People who have experienced an injury to their back, with a known OR unknown underlying cause.

  • People who have attended once or multiple times

  • People who have new or chronic back pain

Why we need you


We want to explore your experiences of attending the Emergency Departments and the treatment you received, with a view to improving the help we provide. We are interested in developing services so that we are better equipped to respond to acute back pain, and we are particularly interested in what we can do to prevent it from becoming a chronic problem.  

Our previous work has shown that providing more information to patients about their pain is beneficial in terms of how they manage and respond to their pain in the future. 

 How you can help 

  • We would like you to meet with us via Teams/Zoom or similar for an initial talk about the research study and why we feel it is important to carry out this research.
  • We would like you to help us to ensure that the patient information we give to our research participants is easily understood
  • We would like to make sure we are asking the right questions in our research, and we would like to hear what you think the right questions are to explore 
  • Share your experience of attending an emergency department with back pain


 If you would like to be involved, please email:

Dr Jo Daniels

Senior Lecturer, University of Bath

Clinical Psychologist, North Bristol NHS Trust


Communication & Patient & Public Involvement Manager (Research), North Bristol NHS Trust


Contact Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation
North Bristol NHS Trust
Floor 3, Learning & Research Centre
Southmead Hospital
Bristol, BS10 5NB

Telephone: 0117 4149330