How is Osteoporosis Investigated

Ideally osteoporosis should be diagnosed in patients who are at risk before it becomes severe, and before it causes a fracture. Therefore it is important that people who are at risk are identified so that they can be further investigated.  Risk factors for osteoporosis include:

  • All women aged 65 years or over and men aged 75 year or over
  • In women under 65 years, and men under 75 years if any of the following apply:
    • Previous fragility fracture
    • Current use of oral or systemic steroid treatment
    • History of falls
    • Family history of hip fracture
    • Low body mass index (BMI) <18.5
    • Excess alcohol intake
    • Presence of other medical conditions known to cause osteoporosis

People who might be at risk of osteoporosis will be have their risk of fracture assessed by their doctor. Sometimes blood tests are indicated and the bones are further assessed using a bone density scan. Speak to your GP if you feel you may be at risk.