Electronic Assistive Technology Assessment & Installation


Following receipt of a referral form an assessment will be arranged with you in the most appropriate location - this is usually your home but can vary.

The assessment will be conducted by a Clinical Scientist or Occupational Therapist who will work with you to identify elements that you are finding difficult and examine the solutions available.

This assessment is likely to take a minimum of an hour, and can incorporate both environmental controls and computer access if this is required.


All installations are carried out by the Electronic Assistive Technology Service.

The date of installation will be arranged with you as soon as possible following the assessment. The date may be delayed whilst waiting for additional work to be completed by other agencies, for example if additional mains sockets have been requested or a door opener is to be fitted. The installation will have to wait until all preparatory work is completed.

The user will need to be present at the installation as equipment training will be provided by the team on the day.