Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine

As of March 1, 2018, North Bristol NHS Trust has ceased to provide self-funded fertility services – this includes semen analysis, fertility treatments such as IVF and storage of sperm, eggs and embryos.

We will continue to deliver an NHS General Infertility Assessment Service at Southmead Hospital which covers fertility assessment, investigations and surgical procedures which are now being run by our gynaecology service.

A fertility service for self-funding patients will continue to be available in the existing BCRM building on the Southmead Hospital site. Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine has now transitioned into a new service run by Valentine Akande and Paul Wilson, previously with NBT as Specialty Director/Person Responsible of Fertility Services and Head of Embryology respectively.

To ensure continuity of care existing embryos, eggs and sperm will continue to be stored at the unit.

NHS patients/services are now managed by South Gloucestershire CCG and will require a GP referral.

We are aware there may be current self-funding patients who have taken a break in their treatment and therefore may not be aware of the changes – if you fall into this category and want to recommence your treatment, please get in touch with the new service at

All self-funding patients who wish to start fertility treatments can find contact information of other national and local private providers on the HFEA website at