Skin Camouflage Make-up Specialist

Men, women and children can use skin camouflage make-up. Some people use camouflage every day, some just for special occasions. It is a personal choice, just like choosing what you wear.

Cosmetic camouflage creams and powders are used to conceal or reduce the noticeability of blemishes, birthmarks or scars. The creams and powders are available in a wide range of shades, which are matched to your skin tone. The products have been clinically tested for skin sensitivity. They are not the same as ordinary cosmetics. They are lightweight but have a far greater covering quality and stay in place for much longer.

Tattoo cover up with make upTattoo make up coverage

On the face the cream will last for 12-18 hours. It must be removed each night with cleansing cream. On the body or limbs cream can be safely left in place for two - three days. The cream is fully waterproof, so you can swim with it in place.

A camouflage make-up clinic is held in the Bristol Laser Centre every two months.

You will see a qualified nurse who is also trained beauty therapist who specialises in skin camouflage. The cover creams are tested directly on your skin to help you choose a suitable skin colour match. More than one colour is sometimes needed. A special powder is applied over the creams to make them waterproof. You will be shown step by step how to prepare and apply the products. The aim is to give you the skills and confidence to apply the creams yourself. Your first appointment will take 45-60 minutes.

For an NHS appointment (for example for scarring) you will need to be referred to the camouflage clinic by your GP or hospital consultant. 
Self-funded appointments (for example for tattoos) cost £100 and can be made by contacting the Bristol Laser Centre directly.

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