Skin Camouflage FAQs

For an NHS appointment (for example for scarring) you will need to be referred to the camouflage clinic by your GP or hospital consultant. Self-funded appointments (for example for tattoos) cost £59 and can be made by contacting the Bristol Laser Centre.

What is cosmetic camouflage?

Cosmetic camouflage are creams and powders which come in a wide range of shades. They are used to conceal or reduce the noticeability of scars, birthmarks, loss of pigment or over pigmentation on the skin.

When can you start applying camouflage creams?

As soon as the wound are healed and sealed.

Are camouflage creams waterproof?

Camouflage creams are fully waterproof, so you can swim with it in place, and they have a Sun Protection Factor of SPF 15.

What are the limitations of camouflage creams?

Camouflage creams can only colour correct, if the skin texture is uneven it cannot make it smooth. The creams can’t make a scar disappear they can only make the scar less noticeable.

Are camouflage creams available on NHS prescription?

These products can be obtained on an NHS prescription

  • Derma Color Camouflage System Preparation and Application
  •  Veil
  • Keromask
  • Covermark
  • Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics

What will happen at my first appointment?