Non Epileptic Attack Disporder (NEAD)

NEAD is a condition which presents mainly as collapses or episodes of unconsciousness, which are frequently mistaken for epilepsy.

NEAD can exist alongside or in absence of epilepsy, thus requiring the need for detailed psychological assessment and treatment.

20% of "intractable epilepsy“

But 20% of frontal epilepsies misdiagnosed as NEAD

50% of “Status Epilepticus” in A&E is NEAD

NEAD most commonly occur in people with epilepsy

Treatment: confirm diagnosis with EEG if possible

  • Reduce AEDs if possible
  • View video/EEG if possible
  • Explore psychotherapeutic issues
  • CBT and family education

Expectation of surgery

  • Desire beyond seizure
  • Various expectation of social and psychological nature
  • Self confidence
  • Driving
  • Employment
  • Getting married
Pre-Operative Post-Operative
Usually excluded 50% become free of both seixures
  De novo? 6-12 months after opertation
  Right hemispheric dysfucntion: misperception or misinterpretation of emotional
  Low intelligence
  Female younger, history of psychiatric problems