Covid-19 Vaccine trial patient experience

Lord Lieutenant Peaches Golding OBE

Peaches shares with us why she was passionate about taking part in a covid vaccine trial,  and why people should take the vaccine when it is offered to them.


Video Transcript:

I'm really delighted to be taking part in this trial today firstly,  I'm healthy and that's really good but secondly the results of this trial will help us to mix and match the vaccines, it will increase the flexibility of delivery and that has to be a good thing. Thirdly being of minority ethnicity we know that black and minority ethnic people do tend to have a much worse outcome when they have this covid virus so it's very, very important for me to emphasise that I'm convinced it's safe,  it's effective and it's appropriate for all of us to be well offered to take that vaccine and then fourthly,  this will have a global impact that will come from these trials and it will help people all over the world,  help with the delivery of the vaccine, so I'm just delighted to be a part of it.

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