Fresh Arts Envelope

The latest development in Ali Brown’s Knit With Me residency is Envelop. Envelop creates and amasses messages from patients, staff and visitors to the hospital, through workshops in wards and collective gatherings around the hospital site.

Ali works with individuals to hand-print a card with a special message of support or wisdom for a stranger elsewhere in the hospital.

Once created, these messages are distributed at random to patients and staff in wards, as well as being left in secret locations, ready to be found by the right person, tucked away around the hospital in waiting rooms, staff rooms and communal spaces.

Ali Brown explains: “Envelop aims to create a web of woolly words, a hug enveloping and wrapping its arms around the hospital with its messages to say you are not alone, there is a community of people who are with you and thinking of you”.

Envelop has begun with three woolly despatches over the last few months. Supported by our brilliant knit group who meet once a month, the wonderful staff development team has been busy stitching and knitting away, as well as workshops on the wards with dialysis patients.

So far we have despatched over 200 letters and we want to create many, many more. 

If you would like to become part of the Envelop team and make some inspiring woolly messages, contact us!