How Grandparents Can Help

You may find that the advice your children are being given is very different to the advice you were given about feeding babies. This is because we are constantly learning and as we learn more about babies the advice we give will change.

Your grandchild and their parents will benefit from your loving support. Your grandchild needs to spend most of their time snuggled up with their mother; breastfeeding and in skin contact. Please support this and offer help with older children or practical tasks like shopping, housework, making meals and making sure that mother eats and drinks regularly.

Your grandchild will love to look at your face as you are talking to them and will love to hear you singing, there will be times when mother needs a break to have a shower or a sleep and these are times when you can cuddle and love your new grandchild. 

Please watch this short video giving information on supporting a breastfeeding mother


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