Women may benefit from the warm water which really helps by relaxing muscles and reducing the intensity of contractions. Water birth facilities are available at all birth place options:

  • Home birth (you would need to hire or purchase a birth pool)
  • Cossham Birth Centre, Cossham Hospital, Kingswood
  • Mendip Birth Centre,  Southmead Hospital, Bristol
  • Central Delivery Suite, Southmead Hospital, Bristol

Relaxing in a deep warm bath has many advantages. Firstly it has a ‘calming’ influence, helping the body to produce endorphins (your own natural pain-killers) and reduces the production of stress hormones.

It also ‘frees the body’ from gravity, cushioning all parts of the body during contractions. You can use an ordinary bath to relax in during labour.

You may also use Entonox (gas and air) whilst in the bath (under midwife supervision).

For more information visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/pages/pain-relief-labour