Seasonal Flu

On advice from the Department of Health we and your GP recommend all pregnant women to have the seasonal influenza vaccination. The reason for this advice is that we know that when pregnant women catch influenza they are more likely to develop severe symptoms and complications and more frequently require admission to hospital than women who are not pregnant.

It is safe to give seasonal flu vaccine at any stage of pregnancy. Having the vaccination whilst you are pregnant will also protect your baby for the first four to six months of their life, as the protective antibodies you produce will also be transferred to your baby.

Vaccinations for pregnant women are available in Antenatal Clinic. Please ask at reception for more details when you check in for your appointment.

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Whooping Cough

You can help protect your baby by getting vaccinated against Whooping Cough – ideally from 16 weeks up to 32 weeks pregnant. Vaccination will be available at Antenatal Clinic after your 18 - 20+6 week scan. For more information visit