Medical Day Garden - Water Feature

This project delivered a stone water feature in the public area of the medical day garden.

Day Garden with Water Feature

This commissions aims:

  • Encourage contemplation in the medical day garden by responding to the landscape design to create an environment which supports wellbeing by making best use of the recognised therapeutic benefits of nature
  • Enliven the patient-only and the public-access areas of the garden and appeal to the senses
  • Calm, reassure and enable quiet contemplation and reflection
  • Draw the eye by providing focal points
  • Encompass a certain level of detail or hidden layers which support and promote repeat visits and viewing and therefore help distract and transport people from their current situation
  • Have a high level of finish which promotes close-up viewing

The artist, Peter Randall, sculpted a stone water feature made from a naturally eroded boulder, into which he carved a rippling pattern. The stone has a central vertical hole through which water can be pumped to flow gently over the entire surface of the stone. The stone boulder Peter sourced from Dartmoor. 

Titled 'Source', the stone is set in a circle of pebbles and a line of LED lighting subtly lights the water feature after dark. Work has been carried out to ensure the water feature is safe and will not be affected by water-borne bacteria such as legionella.

Peter hand-carved the boulder in his studio in Devon. The water engineering aspects, such as building the reservoir and a stringent maintenance routine, was undertaken by Bristol firm, Aquatak. 

The installation of ‘Source’ involved first of all completing the groundwork and hard landscaping, including installing the concrete reservoir and sealing it before the stone sculpture was delivered and manoeuvred into place using a tripod and gantry.  After the stone was positioned and in place, the reservoir was filled with water and the water feature tested with water running through it to commission it into working order.

About the Artist – Peter Randall

Peter (born 1954) studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Art (1973-77). He has an international reputation through his sculpture, drawings and prints. His work is held in public and private collections throughout the world including Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA, Eire, Germany and the Netherlands. His public sculptures can also be found across the UK including in Castle Park in Bristol and he is represented in the permanent collections of the Tate Gallery and the British Museum. Peter’s practice has always been informed and inspired by the study of organic form and its subjective impact on our emotions.