Artists asked to help brighten up Southmead Hospital bus shelter

Friday, 5 September 2014

Shuttle Bus Shelter at Southmead HospitalArtists are being encouraged to use their imaginations to come up with ideas to brighten up a bus shelter at Southmead Hospital Bristol.

North Bristol NHS Trust is appealing for someone to use the recycled container outside the multi-storey car park as a blank canvas for their creativity.

The shelter is used by patients and visitors waiting for the free shuttle bus which currently runs between the car park and the Brunel building. A new car park for patients and visitors will be built after old hospital buildings on the Southmead site have been demolished and is due to open in autumn 2015.

The Fresh Arts programme at the trust is looking to brighten up the container to make it more eye-catching and pleasant for patients and visitors using the shuttle bus service.

Arts programme manager, Ruth Sidgwick, said: “North Bristol NHS Trust is looking for an artist or group of artists who could bring a little drama and excitement to the issue of hospital transport. 

“At the moment, the only shelter the Trust can offer is a recycled container; this does a great job of keeping off the rain but is an extremely ugly structure. 

“Ideas are welcomed from a local artist or artists’ group who could make this temporary bus shelter glamorous and distinctive.  Not only will this help visitors to the site find their way more easily it should convey a sense of fun and make people smile.”

Suggestions for transforming the bus shelter need to last until October 2015 and should meet necessary health and safety restrictions.

If you are interested and have ideas about how to brighten up the bus shelter contact Ruth Sidgwick at or on 07554 334 828 by September 15.