Ask 3 key questions to get home from hospital quicker

Friday, 17 February 2017

If you or a member of your family were in hospital, would you know the questions to ask to help get home quicker?

We have launched an initiative at Southmead Hospital to help you understand the questions that may help you get home to start your recuperation quicker.

If you find yourself staying in hospital we are encouraging you to ask three key questions to help start a conversation about your ongoing health needs and the support that may be necessary to help you, your friends or relatives leave hospital sooner.

It is part of a wider approach we have at North Bristol NHS Trust to encourage you to be partners in your care and to feel empowered to ask the questions that matter to you.

Sarah and Becky from Ward 34A are encouraging you to Ask 3 Questions when you are in hospital

We encourage you to ask questions whenever you come into contact with the hospital, whether during appointments, assessments or on the ward. And where your relatives, carers and friends are involved in your care they are also urged to ask the questions they feel are important.

When you or your loved ones have needed to stay in hospital, particularly after an unexpected admission, it can sometimes take longer to put the necessary measures in place to support you to leave hospital. It is important that you and your relatives know that you can ask questions about why you are still in hospital and what can be done to help get home quicker.

Research has shown that in the over 80s for every 10 days spent in a hospital bed 10% muscle ageing occurs and one week in bed leads to a 10% loss in strength – in older patients this can make the difference to being able to climb stairs or get out of bed, which is why it is important to leave hospital as soon as you are medically fit to do so.

To help people think about the questions that might be useful to ask during a stay in hospital staff at Southmead Hospital we are encouraging you or your friends or relatives to Ask 3 Questions as a starting point:

  • What is keeping me in hospital?
  • What do I need to do to be able to leave hospital?
  • What will happen after I have left hospital?

Head of Patient Experience, Gill Brook, said: “We know that being at home is the best place for many of our patients to complete their recovery after a stay in hospital and we are using Ask 3 Questions to help you understand how you might be able to get there quicker.

“We encourage you to ask the questions that are important to you and use them to have a conversation about your needs and how they can best be addressed throughout your care. These three questions are just a suggested starting point and we suggest you tailor them to what suits you.”

Ask 3 Questions is currently being piloted on post-surgical ward 34A along with 9A and 34B.

Sarah Bullock, Healthcare Assistant and ward receptionist on 34A, said: “As health carers and nurses we are here to promote our patients’ independence while you are in hospital and that includes having conversations about when you are going home.”