Baby mosaic unveiled at Southmead Hospital

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A mosaic picture made up of hundreds of photos of babies born at Southmead Hospital has been unveiled on the maternity unit.

The Thousand Smiles project began last year by Mums the Word appeal to ask the public for photos of babies born at Southmead and hundreds of people responded.

Photographs from as early as 1932 were sent in to be included in the mosaic and £4,000 worth of donations were also received.

The donations will be used to help create a new conservatory day room this summer, next to the post natal wards for Mums, Dads, babies and families.

Two famous faces contributed to the mosaic. Actor and Comedian Stephen Merchant sent in his baby photo, along with pictures of his sister and Dad who were all born at the Hospital.

Olympic Gold Medal Ice-skater Robin Cousins also visited the unit earlier this year to donate his photograph.

The mosaic is being unveiled in front of many of the Mums and Dads who donated photos along with babies who appear in the picture.

Thousand Smiles mosaic at Southmead Hospital maternity unit

Some of the fantastic quotes we've been sent to accompany the baby pictures include:

“I was born on 7th January 1932, being the youngest of eight children, at Southmead Hospital and the photograph was a ‘winner’ in a Bonnie Baby Competition! – you should see me now!”

“Now a beautiful 22 year old - and in no small measure with the help of many dedicated and professional staff at Southmead Hospital”

“This was taken whilst in hospital. I cannot praise the maternity staff enough - they really were fantastic.”

“Born prematurely at 31 weeks 16th Dec 1978. Spent several weeks in SCBU, now a strapping 33 year old !”

“This is a photograph of me a couple of months after I was born in 1956 at Southmead Hospital.  I am also sending a photo of my first grandchild who was born at Southmead in March 2012.”

“We want to say a huge thanks to everyone at Southmead, they were all amazing and the care we received will never be forgotten.”

“I had a great experience on Mendip Ward and was really well looked after by Mr Grant and his team throughout my pregnancy."

Mums the Word Appeal

The Mums the Word appeal is raising funds to help redevelop the maternity unit at Southmead hospital.

The plans include an expanded birthing suite, more consultation rooms for baby scans and a greater number of en-suite facilities for new mums.

The funds will also help refurbish the delivery suite and create a new family room for mothers, babies and their visitors.

The appeal is run by the Shine Together charity, based at Southmead & Frenchay Hospitals.

Find out more how you can support the Mums the Word Appeal.