Bridge to Bridge rickshaw ride for MS research in Bristol

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Bristol & Avon Muiltiple Scelrosis Centre (BrAMS) is staging a fundraising challenge to travel from Clifton Suspension Bridge to London Tower Bridge by rickshaw.

The BrAMS Centre, based at Frenchay Hospital, treats people with MS from across the region as well as carrying our drug trials and important research into the disease.

The BrAMS centre has a team of dedicated Neuro Consultants and Registrar Doctors as well as a team of MS Specialist Nurses and a Physiotherapist.

Part of their recent research has been looking at ways of using Stem Cells taken from a person with MS to repair areas of nerve damage caused by Multiple Sclerosis in the brain and spinal cord.

The centre’s work is largely funded through charitable fundraising and donations.

Their latest event takes place on May 25 when 15 people, including several who have MS and are disabled, will set-off using three Rickshaws and bicycles from Clifton Suspension Bridge to pedal along the A4 to London Tower Bridge.

BrAMS fundraising manager Shaun McCarthy said: “The event will take four days and we are looking for a company to sponsor us with energy drinks.

“The charity has received offers of free hotel rooms throughout the route and lunches from Tesco in all areas and great help from Motion Night Club and BMX Park, who will use their large van to follow the event and take event participants to hotels each evening.

“This event will benefit a great deal of people with the illness. Anyone at almost any age can be diagnosed with MS, although it is usually diagnosed in the young, including children.

“There are over 100,000 people with MS in the UK and if you can help it will allow all the funds that we raise to go the very important research.

“BrAMS continues to offer hope and help people with MS and has only been able to do this because of the funds raised by the charity and so a huge thank you to everyone who has offered help and are organising events now.”

If you can provide sponsorship for the team contact Shaun McCarthy on 0117 3406490 or 0778 447 0177.

Visit the BrAMS website.