Celebrating our NBT Heroes

Monday, 3 October 2016

On Friday 30 September, a group of staff from across the Trust were celebrated at the NBT Heroes awards with the support of Southmead Hospital Charity. The inspirational staff members who’d  been nominated by their colleagues for their hard work and dedication were invited to an afternoon tea, where they met the other Heroes and had a certificate presented by Chief Executive, Andrea Young.

North Bristol NHS Trust Chief Executive Andrea Young with some of the NBT heroes

You can read the inspirational citations for each of the NBT heroes below:

Yuk-Ching Smith, Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist

Yuk-Ching has demonstrated consistent leadership throughout an extended period of demanding change. She listens actively and encourages staff involvement, particularly with regards to quality improvement. She will work closely with teams that are pressed to meet targets and will do work not associated with her grade willingly; showing a great example to colleagues. She will praise and offer constructive criticism; and practices herself what is encouraged in others. There is scope for greater innovation from this professional scientist and this award may encourage her to persist in her desire to improve services in pathology.

Nominated by Mark Green, Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist

John Tucker, Housekeeper

John works tirelessly in his role as Housekeeper to ensure that our patients are well hydrated and always strives for patient satisfaction. John always has a smile on his face as he conducts his duties throughout his shift and always puts in 110%. I cannot think of anyone more deserving than John to receive this award. He is an asset to our team and I think the whole team would agree, we would be lost without him.

Nominated by Marc Evans, Staff Nurse 28B

Amanda Romanski, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Neurosurgery

Amanda is dedicated and always goes the extra mile. She works tirelessly for the team and is an exceptional leader and manager. Amanda is an integral part of the clinical team in neurosciences and also a highly valued manager. She is flexible and has a can do attitude, which is a part of her great success in the role. She is a pleasure to work with and is always happy and able to lift the mood/morale when required.

It would be lovely for Amanda to be recognised as a NHS hero as she works so hard, as with many, much of this is unseen. All that work with or for her appreciate her work but it would be good to have this recognised in a larger arena.

Nominated by Clare Barton, Lead Neuroscience Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Anna Daniel, Occupational Therapist

Anna deserves to be recognised as someone who always goes the extra mile to help patients, their carers and other health care professionals in any way she can. She is the most polite, empathetic and genuinely caring professional I have worked with.

She is a fantastic example of how you can work together to improve the holistic approach to managing patients, regularly offering to double up with the physiotherapy team to assess and treat complex patients. This means improved communication between teams, improved use of resources. Whenever it has been a difficult day Anna is the first to offer a smile, humour and even chocolate, secretly left in your folder, to brighten the team’s mood.

Every other physiotherapist will tell you how amazing she is and how delighted they are to work with her when she is covering patients on their ward. All staff and patients love her and she is the first to tell you how appreciative she is of you – so I would like us to recognise how appreciative we are of her!

Nominated by Nicholas Crease, Physiotherapist

Some of our NBT Heroes at the Afternoon Tea to celebrate their efforts

Barbara Takel, Personal Assistant

From Fire Warden to photocopier repair lady, when someone asks (and they usually do) who can help me with … the answer is Barbara. She is the Swiss army knife of PAs.

Diligent and hardworking, the breadth and value of the work which Barbara undertakes to support the entire Medicine team truly becomes apparent when she is away. In short Barbara is pivotal in keeping the Level 6 Medicine team running and does so without ever seeking a thank you.

Nominated by the Medicine Specialty Managers

Caroline Robbins, Deep Brain Stimulation Nurse Specialist

Caroline deserves recognition for her dedication to the service and her compassion towards patients.  She offers support to staff within and without her department and always has a cheerful demeanour.

The department would be at a massive loss without her and at times the role can be very challenging.  She has a good rapport with her patients and their relatives and coordinates their hospital journey from outside of the local area including Ireland. She has even been known to provide food for relatives from her own kitchen when their flights have been delayed. Caroline is a very important member of the team and we all enjoy working with her and around her, she brings sunshine to our world!

Nominated by Jeanette Brooks, Research Nurse

Edwin Andaya, Domestic

Edwin is a very popular member of staff with the patients and his fellow colleagues on 34a. He is a very gifted artist and will sit with patients and draw either family members or their pets which can provide the patient with a comforting reminder of home when isolated in hospital. He has the ability to copy a picture or a photograph then gives his creations to patients.

He has a lovely friendly nature and always makes time to speak to everyone and remains consistently cheerful and productive in his work. He is a very valued member of the 34a team.

Nominated by Karen Hawksworth, Matron for Endoscopy, Colorectal and Vascular Service

Emily Holloway, Communications Officer

Emily always thinks of others, whether it be patients, staff or her immediate colleagues, before herself.

She is happy to take on extra responsibilities and help where she can, all without fuss and never expects anything in return.

The perfect example of her drive for putting others first is the 10 dance challenge she undertook this Summer for Southmead Hospital Charity. In June,  she completed the challenge which saw her rally friends and family to join her to help raise funds for the benefit of patients. There were injuries, sweat and tears but in true Emily style she completed each challenge with 100% enthusiasm and a huge smile. Everyone should have an Emily in their team and we would love for her to get the recognition she deserves.

Nominated by Rachael Whitaker, Communications Manager and Jessica Knott, Website Manager

Haydn Kendall, Histologist

I think Haydn Kendall should be nominated for his unfailing cheeriness and helpful polite attitude under difficult circumstances. His good humour keeps other afloat  under stress.

Nominated by Jason Harris, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Cervical Cytology

Jackie Binns, Manager, Medical Day Care Manager

Jackie has worked tirelessly to bring a whole range of specialities working  together within Medical Day care, ensuring we give the best possible care to all our patients. This was a huge task as we all came from our own different areas Rheumatology, Immunology, Gastro, Haematology, Renal and Frenchay Day hospital.

She is supportive to all her staff and cares deeply about Medical Day care and its team, often working over and above her hours. We won the team of the year 2015 and I feel that it was mainly down to Jackie and her hard work. I really hope Jackie can be considered for this award, as I feel she really deserves to be recognised for all her hard work and her nearly 40 years here at North Bristol NBT.

Nominated by Tracy Vardy, Senior Staff Nurse, Medical Day Care

Lioudmila Smirnova, Senior Library Assistant

Lioudmila is one of the friendliest, most approachable members of staff I have met in my 10 years at NBT. Without the assistance from Lioudmila I would not have been able to complete my Masters, and our growing portfolio of research grants and studies would not have been possible. Any article, book or literature search required she will always make time for me and the team, and nothing is too much trouble. 

Nominated by Ruth Halliday, Research Physiotherapist, Trauma & Orthopaedic Research Team

Some of our NBT Heroes at the Afternoon Tea to celebrate their efforts

Nicola Stirling, Senior Occupational Therapist

Nicola undertook a project between January and March 2016 on the Complex care wards 28a and 28B to introduce understanding and the use of the value of meaningful activities (which is at the heart of Occupational Therapy) in the acute setting with staff.

Nicola measured and delivered a project through her hard work and determination and as a result,  the wards have engaged with the idea and are continuing to provide a variety of activities relevant to the patients for whom they are caring. Nicola committed whole-heartedly to the project, adjusting her working patterns to meet the training and delivery needs, utilising her own time to develop materials/ research opportunities, write up and analyse the success of the project.

Nominated by Clare Waggett, Lead Occupational Therapist

Nuno Dos Santos, Catering Assistant

Nuno has a fantastic skill of presenting patient food, to the extreme that his salad presentation would make top class restaurant quality.

He takes pride in his work, will always go beyond his role to ensure that a patient's dietary requirements are made if they are not so keen on the food choice. Patients are so pleased and impressed when he adapts food choice when his supplies are available. Nuno keeps a spotless kitchen, always efficient and always smiling. It’s a complete pleasure to work with him and everyone’s face lights up when we find he’s on shift.

Nominated by Tina Lancastle, HCA, Percy Phillips ward

Philip Hughes, Voice Communications

Over the past seven years Phil has worked on various projects in IT including Winscribe.  He is always really helpful and if he doesn’t know the answer to your query, he will direct you to someone who does.  He will take the time to resolve your IT issues and is always friendly and has a smile.  He makes a stressful IT issue seem rather trivial!  I think this deserves recognition and to make him a Hero would be well deserved.

Nominated by  Sarah Palmer, Medical Secretary

Sharon Britton and Lesley Sweet, Deep Clean Team

I have had the pleasure of seeing these ladies work together for 3 years at both Frenchay and now at the Brunel buliding in Southmead. They are part of the Domestic deep clean team during the night.

My reasons for nominations are:-

• They are always 100% professional.

• Happy to adapt their work load to meet the needs of the hospital at a moments notice, without any complaints.

• Always are cheerful and polite.

• Work extremely hard, quick and totally efficient deep cleaning rooms ready for patients to come into.

These ladies have worked together at NBT for many years doing an amazing job.

Nominated by Susan Bessant, Senior Staff Nurse, Gate 31

Steve Gore, Traffic Officer

Since the opening of the new road layout at the front of the Brunel building, Steve has demonstrated how to cope with what is an extremely stressful situation. Steve is always willing to take on the responsibilities of ensuring people safety at all times, controlling the traffic flow in to the drop off area and escorting people from their cars across the road to the Brunel entrance. Despite this being a difficult situation at times, Steve always does it with a friendly and polite approach and deserves to be recognised for the excellent work he is doing to ensure all patients (and staff) remain safe whilst the building work continues around him.

The person who nominated Steve wishes to remain anonymous

Yvonne James, Senior Medical Secretary

Yvonne has provided an exceptional level of cover for six consultants, remaining positive and helpful throughout. In what could have been a challenging and stressful time, Yvonne has remained calm and has continued to provide an excellent service for our patients. 

Yvonne has supported a number of temporary staff that have joined the department for various amounts of time spending time with each of them to share her knowledge and expertise.

Yvonne deserves some recognition for her hard work and to know that the department as a whole are extremely grateful to her.

Nominated by Danielle Morse, Performance & Operations Manager, General Surgery

Nick Mallett, Staff Nurse, Medirooms

I performed an operation several weeks ago where I wanted to send the patient home with a small drain in situ. Normally this is no problem and the practice nurse will remove it. On this occasion it was not possible. Nick rang the GP practice more than once to try and sort it out. I was doing a 3 session day and was operating so could not help. He was doing a shift the next day and so to prevent the patient having to keep the drain in, he arranged for them to come back to a mediroom the next morning and he removed the drain himself.  This meant he prevented the patient having more inconvenience and pain and distress of having a drain in longer than necessary. He kept the patient at the centre of care and went out of his way to ensure exceptional healthcare personally delivered so I am keen that he is recognised for his actions.

Nominated by Anne Pullybank, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Rebecca Reid, Staff Nurse, ICU

Becks recently demonstrated how she has gone beyond the extra mile for her patients.  We recently had a patient with a devastating spinal injury which occurred within weeks of giving birth. As a consequence of the spinal injury the patient was paralysed.  Becks wanted to do “something special” to celebrate the patient’s 40th Birthday. And she certainly achieved this.

Becks arranged a Hawaiian themed party as she knew the patient enjoyed the television programme, Love Island.  Unfortunately, the patient was discharged to the specialist spinal injuries unit in Salisbury the day before her birthday. On her day off, Becks travelled to Salisbury to the spinal injuries unit and held the party for the patient.  They had also arranged for the baby to be dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses!

Becks managed to track down the patient’s favourite band and they  wrote and recorded a song for the patient -  it was clear that her story had moved them as well.  This was played to her as a surprise on her birthday. For someone who was and still is facing a life-long emotional and physical journey this was just the boost that she needed.

On behalf of the Intensive Care Unit we are so proud of Becks she has really gone above and beyond the call of her duty as a nurse.  Her compassion and commitment to her profession has really touched the heart of her patient and the team who work with her. Well done Becks.

Dominique Duma, Lead Nurse, ICU