Celebrating our staff on International Women's Day

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Today is International Women's Day and we wanted to the opportunity to celebrate women in leadership roles here at North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT).

Women make up about 75% of our workforce and with this year's theme being Press for Progress some of our senior leaders within the organisation have shared their messages for girls, young women and their colleagues to help them fulfil their aspirations to reach their potential. You can see what these nurses, doctors and senior managers have to say over on our Twitter feed.

North Bristol NHS Trust Chief Executive, Andrea Young said she was proud to lead an organisation with so many great female leaders, as she hosted a breakfast celebrating International Women's Day.

"NBT has a really positive history of female leadership," she said

“When I look back over my career, it has been a mixture of areas where I thought I could make a difference, and at times, areas where I took a risk jumping into something that interested me without necessarily knowing where I'd end up. Women make up three quarters of our workforce and without them we'd be in a totally different ball game!

"My message to women considering taking the leap and aiming for senior roles is to always do what your heart and your instincts tell you, if you want to be a leader then go for it! It's the things that you don't do that you end up regretting.”

Some of the women who are senior leaders at North Bristol NHS Trust are helping mark International Women's Day 2018