Community children's health teams awarded Young People Friendly status

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Community children’s health teams in South Gloucestershire have been awarded Young People Friendly status.

The Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) team in South Gloucestershire and School Nurse Drop-ins at Hanham Woods Academy and Downend School have achieved the accreditation after undertaking a rigorous process.

The staff involved in the latest services given Young People Friendly Status were invited to a celebratory afternoon tea hosted by North Bristol NHS Trust’s Community Children’s Health Partnership (CCHP) with Barnardo’s to acknowledge their efforts. They were also presented with a certificate featuring art work produced by young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Community children’s health teams in South Gloucestershire have been awarded Young People Friendly status.

Services that are Young People Friendly encourage young people aged 11-19 to share in decisions about their health and to increase their effective use of health services. Barnardo’s participation workers support services to meet the high standards expected.

To achieve Young People Friendly Status teams had to demonstrate that they were meeting a set of requirements in several key areas:

  • Access and environment
  • Staff training, confidentiality and consent
  • Involvement of young people
  • Publicity and Joined-up working
  • Health issues for adolescents
  • Sexual health (where applicable)

Gill Miller, Assistant Head at Downend School joined School Nurse Naomi Hill at the celebrations to mark the service achieving Young People Friendly Status

Naomi, who holds an hour-long drop-in service at the school every week, said: “It is nice to be acknowledging the work we are doing with education and health, which is really important because we are visitors in the school.”

Ms Miller said: “We do work very closely together and this is a chance to show how much we value the school nurse role as a school.”

Charmaine Lynch, Barnardo’s Participation Worker, said of the accreditation for the Community CAMHS Team: “There was a lot of effort involved and this is a good way of thanking the staff for all of their efforts.

“But this is not the end, it is the beginning as we can move on some of the things that we identified as part of the process.”

School Nurse, Tracey Baker, received the accreditation for Hanham Woods Academy and said that going through the process made her feel “really proud”.

“It is a hugely supportive school and I just do my job,” she said.

“Going through the process involved identifying what I do and did put a different perspective on it, making me realise just what I do.”

The three South Gloucestershire services join 12 other CCHP services across Bristol and South Gloucestershire that had already obtained Young People Friendly Status.

The Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) team in South Gloucestershire receiving its Young People Friendly certificateCCHP Director, Dr Jane Schulte, praised the “fantastic individuals” who had worked so hard to achieve Young People Friendly Status.

“This is a really stringent process with an assessment process against agreed criteria which involves providing evidence which is then externally verified,” she said.

“To get Young People Friendly Status is impressive.” 

CCHP is run by North Bristol NHS Trust in partnership with Barnardo’s and provides all of the community child health and child and adolescent mental health services for Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Children’s Services Manager for Barnardo’s Emily Roberts, said: “Young People Friendly means that health staff now think and ask the questions, ‘what does a young person think, have they got a say, and lets involve them in that’ and that is about making young people’s voices heard throughout the whole service.

"Young people flourish in that environment, and staff do too.

“Staff feel very excited that young people are being involved in this way and that they are not just coming to an appointment but are coming to their service to make it better.”