Exceptional Healthcare Awards 2018

Friday, 16 November 2018

The efforts and achievements of some of our outstanding members of staff were celebrated on Friday (November 9) with the Exceptional Healthcare Awards 2018.

The annual awards, supported by Southmead Hospital Charity, honoured staff, volunteer teams and individuals for the difference they have made to patients in 12 categories.

The awards, which were hosted with the support of sponsors, recognised staff for providing excellent care, coming up with new innovations, improving patient safety, transform patient services and experiences and those who go the extra mile.

The record 350 nominations were initially whittled down to a shortlist of 49 with the winners in each category announced at the ceremony.

The winners were:

Making a Difference: Helen Spear, Macmillan Speech and Language Therapist.

The Making a Difference category, recognises teams or individuals who have consistently provided excellent customer care to either patients, visitors, members of staff or other users.

Helen supports patients with communication and swallowing difficulties resulting from brain tumours from diagnosis to end of life.  When a patient undergoes ‘awake craniotomy’, Helen assesses their communication during the operation, informing the neurosurgeons when their intervention is impacting on the patient’s communication as well as supporting the patients during what might otherwise be a terrifying ordeal.

Sadly, for many of these patients their diagnosis is terminal and Helen will provide continuity of care right through to end of life with compassion, empathy and dedication, ensuring that patients are supported emotionally throughout their incredibly difficult journey.

Helen said: “Receiving this award is very good for the people I care for.

“I feel privileged to help people and to go on that journey with patients. You see somebody when they are diagnosed, when they go through their surgery, after surgery and then through chemotherapy and radiotherapy – you know them from the beginning to the end.”

You can read about the other nominees here: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/news-media/latest-news/exceptional-healthcare-awa...

Service Transformation Award: Hospital at Home

The Service Transformation Award recognises teams or individuals who have introduced a new process or pathway designed to improve the effectiveness of their service and/or the patient journey.

During winter 2017/18 the Hospital at Home team identified that they could appropriately manage patients who were still acutely unwell within their own home. Within six months the service has gone from being launched to consistently looking after 16 patients within the community. 

The service comprises a team of specialist nurses who deliver acute healthcare to patients within their own homes. The Hospital at Home service, has enhanced the ability of the Anaesthesia Surgery Critical Care and Renal division to deliver the emergency and elective surgical programme with the concurrent income generation and avoidance of financial penalties and has improved the experience of patients involved.

The team said: “We could not do this if it wasn’t for the team and it’s amazing that we have won.

“What we are doing has real benefits for the trust and also for patient experience – and that is the most important part of all of it.”

You can read about the other shortlisted nominees in the category here: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/news-media/latest-news/exceptional-healthcare-awa...

Supporting Southmead Hospital: Emily Holloway, Communications Manager.

The Supporting Southmead Hospital Award, which recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the trust through fundraising or volunteering.

Over the past few years Emily has volunteered hundreds of hours of her own time to prepare dances to raise money for Southmead Hospital Charity. It is the energy, sense of community and joy that she has created that she should be recognised for.

This year Emily dedicated a huge amount of her time to ensure that Strictly Southmead – where hospital staff competed in a dance competition - was an amazing event, thoroughly enjoyed by staff, visitors and patients alike, and raised more than £8,000 for the charity appeal. Her patience, encouragement and positivity made the whole experience so enjoyable for all involved.

Emily said: “I feel so happy and grateful to all the wonderful people who join me in all my crazy projects to enable me to fundraise for the wonderful Southmead Hospital Charity – I couldn’t do it without everybody else.
“It’s amazing to receive the recognition for my dancing and what it can achieve for wellbeing. Dancing can make people happy.”

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Perform Award: Silvia Rubino and ward 33B

The Perform Award was given out for the first time to reflect a project the trust embarked on in April to help staff make changes within their teams to improve the patient journey through our hospital.

Medical Director Chris Burton introduced the new award, which was awarded to 33B’s supervisory sister Silvia Rubino in recognition of the work the ward team carried out to help patients get home quicker when they are ready to leave hospital. Silvia did not know she had been nominated for the award by the Perform coaches who are working with teams across the organisation, so was surprised to hear her name called out.

She said: “It was a complete shock to win this award but I was so proud.

“We have made such a lot of changes because of Perform and have really embedded them and everyone has worked so hard. I am really, really proud of what we have achieved.”

Chief Executive Award: Bristol Genetics Laboratory, Severn Pathology Labs.

The awards were rounded off with a special award chosen by Chief Executive Andrea Young, and again the recipients did not know they had been put forward for the honour.

The Bristol Genetics Laboratory at Southmead Hospital was announced as one of only seven genomics laboratory hubs in the country back in October. This national network of hubs will be rolled out early in 2019 to provide genomic sequencing to help in the diagnosis of seriously ill patients and the award was in recognition of their achievements.

Head of the Laboratory, Eileen Roberts said: “It is absolutely fabulous to have genetics and pathology recognised within NBT and to have that acknowledgment from the chief executive.

“It is a superb validation of where we have been and where we are going.”

Severn Pathology Services Director David Gibbs said:  “It’s a good example of a really diverse team coming together to do a really good piece of work in difficult circumstances, on a tight deadline and to come out favourably against huge centres and a positive demonstration of how our service has evolved.

Maggie Williams, who is the lead for the specialist areas of genomics, added: “What we do is often a background support area, so to be up there with the main areas of the trust with this award is a wonderful achievement recognising the real support we provide for services.”

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Unsung Hero: Sarah Lapham, Major Trauma Administrator.

This award recognises an individual who has gone the extra mile and has shown effort and commitment to the job over and above what is expected.

An indispensable and greatly-loved “mum” of the Major Trauma Network, Sarah is always there to support colleagues and she regularly runs team BBQs, fun days and evenings out.

She continues to give 100 per cent effort and work longer hours to ensure that every shift is filled and the training programme runs to a high standard. She even raised significant charitable funds through her local caravan club to help set up a bereavement service for families.

Sarah’s children attended the Exceptional Healthcare Awards on her behalf as she has been unwell and was unable to make the evening.

Her son Harvie said: “I was very happy to collect the award on my mum’s behalf. She was extremely happy to be recognised for her hard work during her career with the NHS at NBT.”

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Inspirational Leader: Lisa Hayward, Ward Manager.

The Inspirational Leader Award recognises an inspirational and resilient leader whose approach demonstrates a positive and sustained impact on those around them. The award was sponsored by BCL Services.

Lisa has made a huge change on 34 B through her ability to support and nurture her team and to inspire them to have the confidence to embrace change and make it work well.

Lisa Hayward said: “I am thrilled to have won this award, it’s a wonderful reflection for me and the team I work with. As a team we’ve gone through lots of change but we have embraced it and got our heads down and the award is recognition of that.”

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Clinical Rising Star: Harriet Lowne, Assistant Practioner.

The Clinical Rising Star Award recognises an individual who early in the NHS career is making a significant impact or improvement at the Trust in a clinical area and was sponsored by FIJI.

Since joining the team Harriet has become an integral part of the orthopaedic physiotherapy team despite not working in a hospital setting before. She has started a quality improvement project into the impact of a dedicated physiotherapy presence in medi-rooms to support the flow of patients through the day case unit.

Harriet Lowne said: “I’m really proud of the orthopaedic and physiotherapy team. We all work really hard and I’m proud to represent the team. I want to thank them for all for inspiring me to be the best practitioner I can be.”

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Patient Safety Champion: Reston Smith and Dominique Duma.

The Patient Safety Champion award, which was supported by Bevan Brittan, recognises teams or individuals who have improved patient safety and/ or reduced risk either in a defined area or across the whole organisation.

Dominique and Reston have conceived and implemented an approach to patient safety that challenges a traditional reactive approach, seeks to learn from excellence in clinical practice and also ensures that this excellence is replicated for patients. Their improvements were specifically commented on in the most recent CQC Inspection.

Reston Smith said: “It was great to be shortlisted and to then win the patient safety award. I feel actually we have won the award for celebrating the extra mile our staff go every day.

“I hope our patients realise that every day our staff are striving to not just provide amazing healthcare but personalised healthcare for the individual.”

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Team of the Year: Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery Team.

The Team of the Year award recognises those who have worked together in teams, specialities, divisions and across the wider Trust to deliver exceptional service working together as OneNBT and was supported by KPMG.

The Weight management and Bariatric Surgery team is one of the best performing and happiest teams at NBT and has achieved exceptional recent advances in patient care and outcomes. It is a true multi-professional team that is expanding and developing a National and International reputation for research.

James Hewes, Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon, said: “We are so happy as a team to have been recognised for our hard work and I am really proud of the team who have worked above and beyond and pulled together to ensure our patients get the best care when they are with us.”

See the rest of the shortlist here: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/news-media/latest-news/exceptional-healthcare-awa...

Best Quality Research or Innovation: Fergus Caskey, Renal Consultant.

The Best Quality Research or Innovation award, which was sponsored by Renishaw, recognises teams or individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the field of research in partnership with patients or who have developed or introduced a new product, technique, system or procedure which originated in clinical practice or a research project.

Over the last two years, Fergus Caskey has obtained research grant funding worth a total of £4.2 million to NBT. His work adds greatly to NBT’s reputation for high quality research. His leadership and work ethic is exemplary and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Fergus Caskey, said: “I was very surprised to be nominated as I am part of a much bigger team so really it is a joint effort as we all work so closely together. It’s been a wonderful evening and it has been really nice to hear everyone’s stories and why they were nominated by their colleagues.”

See the rest of the shortlist here: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/news-media/latest-news/exceptional-healthcare-awa...

Best Improvement in Patient Experience: Jacqui Lewis, Senior Midwife/ Bereavement Lead.

The Best Improvement in Patient Experience award recognises teams or individuals who have made changes to the working environment and/ or practices that have improved the patient experience. The award was supported by Bright Blue Media.

Jacqui Lewis was given the award for her work in supporting bereaved parents at a vulnerable and emotional time and giving much thought to the way services are delivered and made changes where required, including facilitating staff training to enhance the bereavement care given throughout the service.

See the rest of the shortlist here: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/news-media/latest-news/exceptional-healthcare-awa...

Corporate Rising Star: Lynsey Dolton, Purchasing Specialist.

The Corporate Rising Star award, which was sponsored by Plan B Creative, recognises an individual who, early in their NBT career is making a significant impact or improvement at the Trust in a corporate area.

Lynsey Dolton made an immediate impact on joining the BWPC Capital team despite having very little experience in public procurement. In three months, Lynsey has directly secured over £1,000 in CRES savings and recorded support for £70,000 in savings for re-investment. She has helped take the capital team from a state of crisis to becoming one of the highest performing in their department.

See the rest of the shortlist here: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/news-media/latest-news/exceptional-healthcare-awa...

Facilities Rising Star: Lisa Broderick, Duty Manager.

The Facilities Rising Star award recognises an individual who early in their NBT career is making a significant impact or improvement at the Trust in the facilities directorate and was sponsored by Bouygues.

After working as a domestic for 14 years, Lisa now manages a large team of domestics responsible for cleaning standards across level 4 and 5 of the Brunel. She also manages the rapid response teams who deep clean infected rooms throughout the hospital. She always strives for excellence with a smile on her face and no challenge is too great.

Lisa Broderick said: “I was very shocked to be nominated but felt proud and overwhelmed when I received the award, I would like to thank the facilities team who have worked with me to help me achieve this award.”

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