Exceptional Healthcare Awards 2018: Service Transformation Award

Monday, 5 November 2018

We're counting down the days until our Exceptional Healthcare Awards, supported by Southmead Hospital Charity, and to prepare for the big announcement we are sharing details of all our shortlisted nominees.

Today we are featuring the Service Transformation Award category, which recognises teams or individuals who have introduced a new process or pathway designed to improve the effectiveness of their service and/or the patient journey.

Emergency Department PaperLite team

This team, led by Emergency Department (ED) Consultant Ben Jordan and Project Manager Ben Drake have worked tirelessly over many months in their development of an electronic paper record for the Emergency Department.   Having developed the solution, the team also ensured a smooth and successful implementation, having  been on hand in the Emergency Department 24 hours a day during the 'go live' period and have managed to do this with smiles and enthusiasm.   

Overall, the ED Paperlite team is a perfect demonstration of how detailed planning, preparation, attention to detail and a passion for delivering a quality product can transform an extremely pressurised service for the better.

Fiona Marshall

Fiona has undertaken the role of Learning Difficulties (LD) link nurse within the ED department for two years.

The connection between the department and the hospital LD liaison team has improved significantly over this time, staff are now more aware of the service provided by the liaison team and are quick to refer with patients who attend the department and require admission to hospital.

Fiona undertakes targeted teaching routinely.  This focuses on the awareness of reasonable adjustments, the liaison team, consent and communication, the use of patients’ passports and carers awareness.

The shortlisted nominees in the Service Transformation category of North Bristol NHS Trust's Exceptional Healthcare Awards

General Porters

A decision was made to transfer the management of blood collection to the General Porters within Brunel.   

Once approved by all concerned, the porters undertook an extensive training and assessment programme.  Blood collection was handed over to porters with a seamless transition. This has made all blood collections more efficient. 

Hospital at Home team

During winter 2017/18 the team came together to try and radically change how surgical inpatients are managed. They identified that they could appropriately manage patients who were still acutely unwell within their own home. Within six months the service has gone from being launched to consistently looking after 16 patients within the community.  

The NBT Hospital at Home service comprises a team of specialist nurses who deliver acute healthcare to patients within their own homes. The Hospital at Home service, with the observed patient numbers and bed day savings has enhanced the ability of the Anaesthesia Surgery Critical Care and Renal division to deliver the emergency and elective surgical programme with the concurrent income generation and avoidance of financial penalties.

Neil Collin, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Neil Collin is the Interventional Radiology Lead and his work encompasses urology, vascular, transplant, trauma and gastrointestinal (GI) services.

He has shown exemplary skill in his area of expertise and become the ‘go to doctor’ to deal with complicating disease entities.  He has expanded the repertoire introducing endovascular aneurysm repair thereby reducing in-patient hospital stay to less than 24hrs. 

He has pioneered interventional radiology especially in trauma, saving countless lives and organs in patients with severe bleeding from bowel, kidneys, leaking blood vessels and trauma. 

Neil has shown expertise of the highest order in obtaining access to kidneys and other organs; so much so that he is the sought after expert not only within Bristol but for most of the South West.