Exceptional Healthcare Awards - Supporting Southmead Hospital

Thursday, 12 November 2015

North Bristol NHS Trust is honouring outstanding members of staff and volunteers with its Exceptional Healthcare Awards.

The 2015 awards, supported by Southmead Hospital Charity, recognise and reward the hard work of staff and volunteers at the Trust.

The awards will take place on Friday, November 20, and in the lead up to the ceremony we are showcasing the shortlisted nominees in each category.

The Supporting Southmead Hospital Award recognises volunteers, fundraisers and Move Makers who have made an outstanding contribution to the Trust.


Jean Price - Lung Exercise and Education Programme volunteer

Volunteer Jean Price has been shortlisted in the Supporting Southmead Hospital category in the Exceptional Healthcare AwardsJean Price is 83-years-old and has a lung condition, but she does not let that stop her supporting others as a volunteer for the Lung Exercise Education Programme (LEEP).

LEEP helps patients improve their quality of life and self-management of their condition, using exercise to increase fitness and education to increase knowledge.

Jean completed a LEEP course in 2011and was so enthusiastic about the positive results that she was invited to become a volunteer speaker and ambassador sharing the benefits of exercise to patients with chronic lung conditions. She attends every introductory session, giving a talk to patients about her own experience of attending the LEEP course.

Jean was described as having increased the effectiveness of the LEEP course to a larger patient group. She was also credited for her empathy with patients and ability to identify with their experiences, which the nomination said LEEP staff could not achieve on their own.

The nomination said: “Many patients are sceptical, anxious or even fearful of doing the course. Jean’s selfless commitment to encourage and motivate the complete strangers that she meets at LEEP to participate actively and to complete the course sessions have been borne out by consistent patient feedback that, but for her encouragement, reassurance and her inspiring example a proportion of patients would not have signed up and gone on to complete the course.”

The nomination added: “Jean’s achievement is all the more deserving because of her age and her own health problems. She never complains, she expects no reward except the satisfaction of helping other people.”

Jean said: “I feel very honoured that they chose me, although it was a bit of a shock.

“I love helping people and it is great when people take my advice and join up for LEEP – it’s a marvellous programme and I want others to get from it what I got from it.”


Mike Burns – Blood Bikes NICU Support

Mike Burns from Blood Bikes NICU Support has been shortlisted in the Supporting Southmead Hospital category of the Exceptional Healthcare AwardsMike Burns was nominated for his work in setting up the NICU support service to help parents and babies at Southmead Hospital and beyond.

Mike set up the service to support mothers of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) by providing transport to and from the unit.

Many families do not know that their baby will need the support of the NICU before they are born and Mike has been credited with alleviating some of the stress they suffer when their babies are born prematurely and need the support of the unit.

The service is now in its fourth year, with five vehicles and 15 volunteers and is close to supporting its 100th mum.

The nomination said: “Mike has a ‘can do’ attitude to everything and remains cheerful at all times. He is an excellent role model and it is a privilege to work with him.”

The NICU support service is in addition to the collection and delivery of donor breast milk across the South West neonatal network from the Southmead-based milk bank, which is also co-ordinated by Mike.

The nomination said: “Mike has enabled the milk bank to extend its reach dramatically, both in terms of the donors we can now recruit and by significantly expanding our distribution of life saving donor breast milk across the region.”

Mike also fundraises for the services he provides by organising charity bike rides.

Mike said he was “flattered” when he found out he had been shortlisted.

“There’s nothing more important than giving a baby the best start in life and I can’t believe how the service has grown and how everyone is just so pleased."


Southmead Hospital League of Friends

Southmead Hospital League of Friends has been shortlisted in the Supporting Southmead Hospital category of the Exceptional Healthcare Awards

Southmead Hospital League of Friends was formed in 1976 by a small group of people who wanted to support their local hospital and its patients . Since the League was set up it has purchased equipment totalling more than £1 million for the hospital and one of the founding members – and current President – Norman Goldsworthy has been awarded the MBE and Lord Mayor’s Medal for his work with the League.

The League has occupied various premises in the hospital over the years, mainly operating a coffee shop and raising funds for the hospital. The move to the Brunel building meant a new location for the League of Friends Café, which opened before the other food and drink outlets in the new building which meant the League members had a tremendously busy start to their time in their new home.

The nomination said: “I think it is an absolute credit to all the volunteers for their massive dedication and commitment.”

John Vickery MBE, Chairman of Southmead Hospital League of Friends said: "I am absolutely delighted that the League has been short listed for this award, which is well-deserved, and shows that the small band of volunteers have, over the last few years, been brilliant.

“The move into the new hospital was a massive challenge but the volunteers took it their stride during a very stressful time.

“I must give special thanks to our coffee shop manager, Sandra, who deserves her own special award for her complete dedication.”