Face masks

Friday, 12 June 2020

Following Government guidance, anyone entering a hospital building is required to wear a face mask or covering.

The mask will reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus to others.

Outpatient appointment

If you are attending an appointment at one of our hospital sites you can wear your own face mask or covering.

If you do not have one you will be given a mask at the reception desk of the building you are visiting. If your appointment is in the Brunel Building at Southmead Hospital you will receive a mask at specially designed areas at both the main entrance and the emergency department entrance.

If you are on the national shielding register (after receiving a letter from the Government) or if you have your own face mask or covering you will be able to go through the fast track entrance at the main entrance of the Brunel Building.

Please remember that if you are attending an outpatient appointment you should do so alone unless you have a carer, require additional social care support or if a patient is under 18.             

Visiting a patient

You must wear a mask (not a covering) if you are visiting a patient on the ward.

If you arrive with your own mask you will be allowed to go through the fast track entrance. If you do not have a mask you will be provided with one at the entrance of the building.

We have also updated our visitor arrangements. A single visit per patient each day is permitted by a family member or friend as nominated by the patient. The patient can be visited by different family members or friends during their admission between 11 am – 7 pm.

Important: If you are attending for an operation or for chemotherapy please go to the dedicated admission lounge or chemotherapy entrance on Dorian Way as described in your letter.

Wearing and taking off your mask

To maintain infection control standards you must follow the following guidance:

  • Use the instructions on how to put on and take off your mask. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVWhfLHwsgU 
  • Wear the mask at all times inside the building
  • Remove the mask using the ear loop strap when eating and drinking. It is important that you sanitise your hands before and after touching the mask. Do not touch the front of the mask to minimise the risk of facial contamination, if this does occur sanitise your hands.
  • Change the mask after wearing it for four hours
  • Do not wear the mask outside
  • Dispose of the mask in the clinical waste (orange) bins and use the hand sanitiser provided.