Frenchay and Southmead Hospital visitor’s charter

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

North Bristol NHS Trust has drawn up a charter to encourage responsible visiting from people coming into hospital to see patients.

The ‘visitor’s charter’ is a set of guidelines for visitors to Southmead and Frenchay Hospitals. It highlights ways that visitors can play a vital part in the recovery of their family or friends during their stay in hospital.

For example, how visitors can minimise the risk of bringing infections into hospital from the community as well as ways to help staff.

Some infections can be widespread in the community and although they can appear throughout the year, there is a particular risk during the winter months, such as flu or Norovirus.

Marie-Noelle Orzel, director of nursing at North Bristol NHS Trust, said:  “For many patients the highlight of their day is visiting time and visitors are the link to life outside of hospital which really helps to boost their recovery.

“Visitors have an equally important role to play in reducing the risk of bringing and spreading infections to patients in hospital.

“That is why we hope that this charter will set out ways that visitors can help us as well as their loved ones with a few simple tips.

“This charter outlines what visitors can expect from us and what is expected of them whilst visiting a loved one in hospital.”

Read the visitor's charter.