Healthy volunteers needed for renal research study at Southmead Hospital Bristol

Monday, 3 November 2014

North Bristol NHS Trust’s Renal research team is looking for volunteers to take part in a study.

Healthy people aged 18 -80-years-old are needed for the EARNEST study.

Participants will need to have their blood pressure taken and an ultrasound to measure the blood vessels.

Results from healthy volunteers will be compared to those who have donated a kidney.

The first person to take part in the study was Stacey McGarry, who works as a Recruitment Data Administrator in the trust’s research department.

“Even though I work in the Research Department at Southmead and I know the research nurses, I was still nervous, as I’d never taken part in a research study before,” she said.
“I was with them for about an hour answering some questions about my health and lifestyle - it felt as though I was having a mini health MOT. 

The appointment involved the research nurse, taking a blood sample, taking my blood pressure and wearing a blood pressure monitor for 24 hrs, and having a tiny ultrasound (done with a small external device) which measured how springy my arteries were in my groin, wrist and neck.

“I felt quite proud that I was taking part in research (even as a healthy volunteer) as I could be making a difference to healthcare in the future.”

To find out more about the EARNEST study please contact Emily Collins, Renal Research Nurse in the Clinical Research Centre at Southmead Hospital Bristol on 0117 414 8122 / 8123

To find out more about research at North Bristol NHS Trust visit