Heartfelt "thank you" from Chief Executive to final NBT Heroes of 2018

Friday, 2 November 2018

Photos of the November 2018 Hero Tea attendees

On Thursday 1 November we celebrated our final cohort of NBT Heroes for 2018.

20 members of staff were nominated by their colleagues for going over and above their job role in providing care and support for the patients and/or staff they work with. At the Hero Tea sponsored by Southmead Hospital Charity, those who could make it were given their certificates, a copy of their original nomination, coffee and cake.

Chief Executive Andrea Young said:

"You are all here because you've really made an impact on someone, whether it's a patient, colleague or someone else you've come into contact with. It is noticed and it is appreciated, so thank you."


Read the full nominations for all of November's winners below:

Josie Abbott-Hauxwell – HCA, 9B
Josie is an amazing health care assistant. She is dedicated to her work and dedicated to her team, nothing is too much to ask. She is very attentive and shows great compassion towards her patients.
I work with Josie a lot, and was recently on a night shift with her where we looked after a lady who was very unwell. The lady deteriorated very quickly overnight, but Josie made sure she was doing everything she could to make her as comfortable as possible and would help in any way that was asked of her. She was always asking questions and trying to do more.
She is soon to complete her modules for her NVQ, she is definitely more than ready for her next step!

Maggie Alger – Enhanced Recovery Lead Nurse
Maggie single-handedly ensures the successful implementation of enhanced recovery in elective orthopaedics for hip and knee replacement patients. She collects data on every patient that has these procedures and reports on length of stay and complication rates without which we would not be able to strive for continuous improvement. She frequently comes in early to ensure she knows all the elective orthopaedic patients. She goes the extra mile by driving out to collect surplus walking aids for reuse at NBT, and helps discharges by calling up local services and delivering patient belongings. She is often in contact with patients over the telephone to provide advice and reassurance and is the driving force behind the success of our weekly patient education groups, often standing in at short notice to cover nurses who are unable to present. She is often faced with the challenges of getting the MDT together for meetings, which is difficult when they have so many other commitments. She brings passion and energy to the ongoing improvement of patient care and provides her knowledge and experience to the development of new ways of working, even when this takes her away from her work duties.

Dorothy Burand – Domestic, Breast Care Centre/Macmillan Wellbeing Centre
I would like to nominate Dot Burand for her outstanding work as a Domestic within the Breast Care Centre & MacMillan Centre.
Dot was recently asked if she could give a spring clean to the MacMillan Centre as an inspection of the centre was due to take place and they needed someone they knew would get the job done. Her shift in Breast Care was then covered so she could spend the full 4 hours shift in MacMillan.
Helen France the Centre Manager later emailed:- Please would you say a massive thank you to Dot for her mammoth cleaning session Tuesday evening! It was spotless and we are so very grateful to her. We were awarded the highest possible mark for being a quality environment for people living with cancer and part of that is down to Dot, so please let her know.
I would also like to add that not only is Dot a hard working domestic, she is a great teacher for newcomers within the department, she shows great dedication to both Breast Care & MacMillan Centres, she takes pride in her work and is also a lovely person.
Dot has received Facilities 'Recognition of Great Work Award Certificates' every year for the past 3 years for her hard work and we feel she deserves this recognition because Dot is a Hero and a valued member of our Domestic Team on the Retained Estates.

Sonia Cavaco – Auditor
Sonia is a wonderful member of the facilities team. In addition to her routine duties as an auditor, she frequently offers to help other team members with their tasks. Sonia also regularly volunteers to show bank staff or new starters around their area of work and, because of her excellent people skills, she is able to put them at ease and help settle them into their respective position. I don't know if she realises just how adept she is at this.
It is fantastic to have a member of the team show such kindness and willingness to assist others. Sonia really embraces the Trust values of ‘striving for excellence’ and ‘working well together’ and fully deserves recognition for being such a professional, friendly and dedicated NBT team member.

Chip Chibamba – Admin Officer, Facilities
I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Chip for his outstanding actions to support a patient.
During a night shift, I was the Clinical Site Manager on duty and was with Mr Chibamba responding to another issue within the hospital. A member of the public approached us tell us about an incident that was taking place in one of the Trust car parks. A young girl had gone to the top floor of the car park was was threatening to jump over the side. Mr Chibamba was first to get there and managed to climb onto the side of the car park railings and pull the individual back into the safety of the car park, keeping her safe until the police had arrived at the scene. I believe that Chip’s actions significantly helped reduce the likelihood of a disastrous event that could have unfolded.
Mr Chibamba was clearly shaken by this event, and I would like to thank him for his outstanding contribution to the events that evening and recommend him as a true NBT Hero.

Viorela Cilean – Domestic, ICU
Viorela is based in ICU and works very hard ensuring the highest cleaning standards are achieved. Most recently she has been cleaning the walls within the ICU back areas to remove scuff marks. This enhances the visual aesthetics and gives confidence to area users as to the cleanliness of the ward.
Viorela is a great team member who embraces the Trust values of striving for excellence and working well together. As her manager I am very proud of her.
I have received the following praise from the ICU clinical team regarding Viorela's work:
"Viorela is a valued member of our domestic team here on ICU. The standard of her work is exceptional. She leaves the staffroom and everywhere she has worked beautifully tidy and never complains about it, even when it is obvious that staff have not cleaned up after themselves. The standard of her cleaning has been noticed by receptionists, audit and nursing staff. All agree she is outstanding" - What an incredible asset to the Trust.

Sharon Cook – Domestic, 9A
Sharon has recently received praise from gate 9A ward sister:
"Sharon always goes above her role as a domestic. She talks with all the patients and visitors and will assist them in any way she can. The area is always spotless when Sharon is on duty. If you ask her to clean any area it will be done quickly and competently. She often stays past the end of her shift in order to complete her section thoroughly"
A patient also wrote in recently stating:
"I would like to say how hard and efficiently Sharon Cook worked during my stay. She is always busy and never leaves her work on time"
This praise demonstrates Sharon's commitment to the Trust’s core values of putting the patient first and striving for excellence.
I am very proud of Sharon and feel she deserves recognition for going that extra mile.

Lorraine Girling – Housekeeper, ED
Lorraine is a huge asset to the Emergency Department Team. She is a constant help and is approachable, friendly and consistently there for anybody who needs her. She goes well beyond her job role to maintain consistent productivity and ensure patients are supported during their time within the emergency Department. She is willing to help any staff member or patient even it isn't part of her job role. Patients are greeted and are offered refreshments and she will ensure everybody within the department has been spoken to. She contributes daily to the team and helps with tasks that wouldn't be possible without her. She has had many problems within her life and has never let one affect her determination and attitude towards work. I feel she is a huge hero within the department and represents the whole hospital as a major hero!

Hannah Goulding – Physiotherapy Technician
Hannah joined the Trust  in the last year as a Band 3 and has quickly become an integral part of the physiotherapy team in elective orthopaedics. She has made an outstanding contribution in helping her colleagues negotiate the change to a new walking aid provider. This requires the therapists to record serial numbers, give patients information and collect and input data so that the walking aids can be recovered when no longer needed and reused. The success of this is reliant on engagement with staff and Hannah has been a role model to her peers and seniors in getting it right (most of the time!). The result is less waste and money saved that can be spent elsewhere on patient care.
She has also helped to modernise our referral system. Hannah has worked in a small team to move us from fax to an electronic referral system and has provided training to her team mates, acting as the expert for all queries. She has been extremely supportive of colleagues who are not very computer literate and. She has really gone the extra mile and we are very grateful to have her in our team.

Corby Little – Clerical Worker, Reprographics
Corby is an asset to NBT and goes out of her way to accommodate print requests even at short notice. 
I started working with Corby whilst on my Perform secondment to arrange the printing of numerous documents to support the team. The requests were thick and fast and varied. Corby has consistently made sure that we received orders promptly and accommodated last minute requests and turned jobs around in double time when needed.
While initially I thought she worked as part of a much larger team, I later discovered that she manages all requests with support from only one other person. Even when she must be inundated with requests from across the organisation, she is never flustered, always polite, helpful and responsive.
I would like to nominate Corby for recognition as someone who is an integral part of NBT, working hard to ensure that teams have everything they need to do their jobs.

Sandro Mangino – HCA, 33A
My mother was a patient here towards the end of last year and, sadly, passed away on Ward 33A. During her final days Sandro was one of many outstanding staff that made me feel very proud to be part of this Trust. However, I felt that Sandro went the extra mile in the way he handled issues of dignity surrounding her care. He was given some fairly unpleasant tasks and undertook them without flinching or conveying to my mum how unpleasant those tasks must have been for him. More importantly, for a lady of her age with concerns about privacy, I have never seen such skill in completely cleaning and changing a patient without uncovering her to the world. When I commented on this he simply said 'well, a lady of her age needs her privacy'. When we eventually got the call to come in quickly as things had changed, we found him at her bedside, holding her hand until we arrived so she was not alone.
I am not a clinical member of staff so maybe many of his colleagues would do the same, but for us, he was very special and his level of respect for our mum was superb.

Stephen Murphy – Mental Health Liaison Nurse
Stephen works as a Mental Health Liaison Nurse at NBT. I am nominating Steve because of his responsiveness and support to front line clinical teams managing complex mental health patients. In addition, to this, I have observed Steve's manner with patients presenting with complex mental health issues and he always demonstrates the Trust values of "putting patients first" and "recognising the person". He is calm, sensitive and compassionate with patients. He quickly builds a strong and positive rapport with vulnerable patients and helps manage situations which, without his input, would potentially escalate.
He is wholeheartedly committed to his role and has been known to stay hours after his shift finishes to safely transfer a patient from Brunel to a mental health bed. He also ensured that he visited the ward hourly until the bed was available, going the extra mile in supporting the nursing team.
I do hope you consider Steve for a NBT Hero Award - he really is remarkable.

Christine Nagle – Cancer Performance Manager
Christine came into post in April following the retirement of the previous post holder who had been in post for 13 years.
At the time Christine joined the Trust cancer services were beginning to suffer from staffing shortages due to maternity leave, sickness and leavers.
During her first 5 months Christine showed a willingness and ability to learn not only her own role, which is very demanding and complex, but also the roles of the staff that had been absent to ensure that Cancer Services continued to offer a high level of service to cancer specialities within the Trust and the patients on cancer pathways.
Christine has supported several MDTs through learning their nuances and providing many hours of tracking which is over and above her workload.
Christine has also successfully managed the QSIS cancer submissions through this period and enabled the Trust to have it's smoothest upload for this process for many years.
Throughout her short time in the Trust Christine has shown a willingness and ability to learn and also take on duties above and beyond her role (while maintaining quality of work) to benefit our cancer patients and I believe this deserves recognition.

Debra Penketh – Patient Support Team Leader
A member of our team recently suffered a panic attack whilst at work. The team member concerned was of course very distressed and suffering. Debra immediately attended to the team member’s needs and took care of her. Debra was able to calm her down and re-assure her all would be ok. All those present reported that Debra did a fantastic job and really made a difference. When the team member affected returned to work she informed me that Debra was amazing and really made the difference on the day.
Debra is an exceptionally caring team leader. She deserves our praise and thanks for her commitment to her team and for embracing fully the Trust values.

Gemma Quijote – Staff Nurse, Elgar 1
Gemma is a role model on Elgar 1. Earlier in the year she had to take charge of the ward in the sister’s absence and did so capably and efficiently. Gemma will regularly take on the role of nurse in charge whereby she assists others to organise discharges and to problem-solve utilising her experience and communication skills.
Gemma has great enthusiasm for and knowledge of enablement – she always encourages colleagues to promote this within their teams; recognising the value of this focus by promoting meaningful activities and ensuring patients are taken to the dining room.
Gemma is an excellent mentor who regularly receives positive feedback from her students and has been a huge part of the workforce improving student experience; as a result of this combined effort it has been fed back to us that many students now request Elgar Enablement Unit as a placement.
On top of all of this, Gemma is a hugely supportive member of the Elgar Enablement Unit– attends events in her own time and always promotes and recognises her colleagues’ achievements.

Maggie Smith – Community Matron
Maggie has worked for the NHS for well over 30 years (probably nearer 40 years!) and has always gone the extra mile to provide the best possible care to women and families. When necessary she works well over her contracted hours, without complaint, changing her shifts at short notice (which sometimes necessitates her working weekends and bank holidays) to provide the care required.
She is a compassionate and empathetic midwife who also cares deeply about her colleagues and the service we provide, listening to midwives and women and learning from their experience. She is always willing to learn and take on new responsibilities, having been a supervisor of midwives for many years. She is now a PMA, continuing her work to support midwives and help them reflect and learn from challenging situations.
What is more she has recently taken on the secondment as matron in her endeavours to improve the service we provide to our women and their families. She is a wonderful advocate and simply an amazingly kindhearted human being.

Maria Smith - PA, HR
Maria works in admin for Learning and Development and Human Resources. She was asked to support the Schwartz rounds with administration which she now does – and much more.
The Schwartz round is a safe place to reflect on our work in the NHS and how this sometimes comes at a cost to our own health and wellbeing. Maria ensures that all the admin duties are done in a professional way (supporting advertising, registration, managing the door when people are late! )
Maria also cares for the facilitators, the two Rachels and I, by checking in with us before and after the round and sharing her thoughts and feelings on how each round has gone. Maria is ready with a heartfelt greeting and a smile and nothing is too much trouble. She even comes in early for an extra round in theatres.
Thank you Maria, you are appreciated and we could not do the Schwartz rounds without you.

Maria Stone – Domestic, Beaufort House
I would like to nominate Domestic Maria Stone for a Hero’s Nomination for her outstanding work, commitment and care she puts into her duties working within Beaufort House and the Cycle Facilities.

Eileen Jones (Outpatients) has written the following statement:-
My name is Eileen Jones and I have worked in Beaufort House for approximately 3 ½ years.  I know people are always quick to complain so I thought I would let you know how very pleased I am with our current domestic, Maria Stone.  We have had some lovely domestics during my time in Beaufort House but Maria really is the best.  My colleague and I constantly comment on the difference in the cleanliness here, even down to little things like windows and sills, skirting etc.  Maria is always very obliging and helpful when we have a little accident or questions regarding recycling etc.  On a couple of occasions a window has been left open in our office and Maria closes it for us (although not her job).  I think Maria does a fantastic job.

We have also given Maria an ‘In Recognition of Great Work Award’ as well deserved.

Julian Thompson – Consultant, ICU
I would like to nominate Julian Thompson due to his outstanding daily contributions, and how he cares for the critically ill patients in the intensive care unit.
His calm presence makes him a joy to work with, and he is an excellent team member.
He often has the difficult task of breaking incredibly sad news to both patients and their relatives, which he does with empathy and honesty.
He supports the nursing team so well and trusts in our judgment and care.
He is an avid fundraiser for our unit and we think he deserves recognition of all his hard work.
Thank you Julian for everything you do, you’re our NBT Hero.

Maddie Wright – Case Manager, Integrated Discharge Service
Maddie has been a leading light in promoting OneNBT and Perform on 7B. She has embraced the approach to team working and has been a key advocate at board rounds encouraging her MDT colleagues to celebrate their successes and work together. She has embraced the importance of clear actions and owners and the need to update the MDT on the outcome of these and she leads by example in her role as Case Manager. It is clear she has a wealth of experience in Stroke care and she really goes the extra mile for her patients. Most recently helping to safely discharge 3 significant long stay patients on 7B.

She is a source of strength for her colleagues offering support, a smile and always has time to try and pick people up when they are down. She deserves recognition for her work as a Case Manager and the evidence of the Trust values in the way she goes about her day to day interactions with staff and patients.


Congratulations to all!