Film made to highlight dangers of a cup of tea after two children a week treated at Frenchay Hospital for burns.

Monday, 23 May 2011

A short film showing the dangers of tea and coffee spills burning children has had more than 1,500 hits on You Tube.

The Hot Drinks Harm film was made by North Bristol NHS Trust to highlight the risks of tea and coffee scalds on children.

Burn injuries from tea or coffee account for 40 per cent of admissions to the South West UK Children’s Burn Centre at Frenchay Hospital.

Each week two children are brought into Frenchay with major burns caused by hot drinks.

And every day across England and Wales 180 children are hospitalised with burns from hot drinks.

Frenchay hospital’s burns team wanted to raise awareness of the problem of having hot drinks around small children who pull cups from tables or kitchen counters.

The short film recreates one of these scenarios showing a two-year-old boy who has been scarred for life after pulling a cup of tea over himself.

The film has had more than 1,500 views in two weeks.

One mum on Facebook said: “I had tears in my eyes and it definitely made me think I need to be even more careful than I already am. If that doesn't make people think I don't know what will.”

Another mum said: “It made me pull my breath in and think....which I guess is what it is designed to do. It shows that it only takes a second of not thinking - and that is all it takes.”

Dr Amber Young, lead consultant at the South West UK Children’s Burn Centre, said: “Hot drink scalds usually involve a young child of one to two years of age pulling a cup of tea onto themselves or pulling on an item like a tablecloth that causes a drink to fall.

 “Hot water can scald for up to 30 minutes after it is boiled and scalds can happen in seconds.

“Burn injuries from hot drinks are almost entirely preventable and that is why we wanted to make this film to highlight the dangers.

“It is a shocking film but we wanted to show the damage that can be done to a child by a simple cup of tea so that people think twice about how they handle hot drinks around children.”

It is hoped the film will also be shown in GP surgeries, health centres and schools.

The Hot Drinks Harm film was made with volunteers by Constellation Media and the scarring showing the damage that can be done to a child was provided by make-up artists from the City of Bristol College.

The film is supported by NHS South West.

View the Hot Drinks Harm film.