Keeping you well this Christmas

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Your local NHS has created a series of local guides to provide useful advice quickly if you fall ill, so keep them to hand over the festive period.

This time of year is notorious for worsening health – from common colds to long-term conditions – and putting pressure on the NHS system.

It’s important that you help yourself – and your local NHS – this winter by playing a part and taking greater control of your health.

By acting quickly before ailments set in, and accessing the right healthcare service first time, you can help keep yourself well and ensure that the local NHS makes the best use of its resources to treat those most in need.

These guides highlight a range of local services in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset which will help you receive the most appropriate treatment, close to

your home.

Emergency services will, as always, be there for those who need them.

Please keep these guides – they will be useful if you fall ill and need help and advice quickly. It could help keep you happy, healthy and at home.

If you live in Bristol click here

If you live in North Somerset click here

If you live in South Gloucestershire click here