The latest winners of our NBT Hero Awards

Thursday, 30 March 2017

We’re delighted to announce the latest winners of our NBT Hero Awards, funded by Southmead Hospital Charity.

The awards are given to members of staff here at the Trust who go the extra mile and do an amazing job. All winners have been nominated by their colleagues, and the nominations we receive give a real flavour of the way in which many members of staff go above and beyond what’s expected of them in their everyday work.

Congratulations to the latest winners who received their awards at an afternoon tea celebration with our Chief Executive, Andrea Young. They are truly unsung super heroes and we’re proud to recognise them. 

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Blyth Purt, volunteer, Hand Centre

"… a truly wonderful lady who has helped the Hand Centre continue to function by preparing notes for clinics. We are an extremely busy department and Blyth helps us on a Monday and Thursday morning, 6 hours each day. She is so dependable, always arriving just after 7.30am, and nothing is too much trouble for her. We would be lost without her."

Carol Greenwood, Domestic 

"Carol is extremely hard working. Patients find her very friendly and chatty.  If all domestics could be as good as Carol, what an amazingly clean ward we would have all the time."

Cathy Churchill, Midwife

"Cathy has gone the extra mile particularly with her support of the Baby Friendly Initiative throughout the maternity unit, but also with the Southmead Milk Bank and her support of Breastfeeding on NICU. She manages to do everything with her usual cheerful manner and a sense of calm. Her ability to encourage and enable mothers makes a huge difference and we believe she should be recognised for this."

Cathy Winter, Lead Research Midwife for PROMPT

"Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training (PROMPT) was devised by Cathy and other colleagues at Southmead 16 years ago and is now an internationally recognised and evidence-based package, associated with significant improvements in maternal and neonatal morbidity. Cathy has tirelessly invested her time and energy, not to mention her considerable creativity, into developing and updating the course. She is extremely modest about her many achievements, but without her hard work and dedication, PROMPT may not have been sustained and developed into its current status, as the pre-eminent training package improving outcomes for mothers and babies all over the world."

Danielle Morse, Performance Manager for therapies

"Danielle’s progression and determination has been remarkable. She had shown me how to go above and beyond my job role, undertake advanced courses in leadership, and always finds time to meet up with me and if I required extra help with my assignments. I cannot thank Danielle enough and wanted her to be recognised for all the support she has given me over the last couple of years."

Dr Justin Pearson, Consultant Neurologist

"Dr Pearson is very supportive of all staff and works very hard to implement developments and improvement plans for the stroke team to ensure that not only targets are met but that patients get the best experience and care. The stroke unit receives many compliments regarding care offered on the ward and some of it is no doubt down to Dr Pearson. Other colleagues always confirm the huge amount of fantastic work he does!"

Elisa Zampella, Medirooms domestic (joint nomination with Sonia Cross and Karen True)

"Their dedication to their job, which they perform whilst displaying a wonderful sense of humour and caring attitude towards the patients, is fantastic. They are valuable members of the theatre team, quick to help out when needed. They all work extremely hard to keep the department clean and have a difficult time working around the mediroom and theatre staff."

Karen True, Medirooms domestic (joint nomination with Sonia Cross and Elisa Zampella

"Their dedication to their job, which they perform whilst displaying a wonderful sense of humour and caring attitude towards the patients, is fantastic. They are valuable members of the theatre team, quick to help out when needed. They all work extremely hard to keep the department clean and have a difficult time working around the mediroom and theatre staff."

Lisa Hicks, Occupational Therapy assistant

"Lisa is definitely someone who deserves some recognition. She always goes the extra mile with our occupational therapists and the patients. No matter what is thrown at her, she will ensure that things are sorted out and she really does make the OT’s life on the ward so much easier. She often starts early, and works through lunch to ensure things are completed; she always thinks of others, both within the therapy team and patients, before thinking of herself. She is truly one of the best OTA’s I have worked with."

Maddy Scott, Central Delivery Suite receptionist

"I'm nominating Maddy for her positive attitude, and ongoing commitment to sustainable travel. At 67 years old, Maddy is true inspiration to her colleagues at the Trust, demonstrating that with the right mind-set, many positives can be created from a negative situation, and that cycling is for everyone. Maddy is a great advert for sustainability, health and wellbeing and positivity, and is very highly thought of."

Mark Glasspoole, Service Desk Administrator

"Mark is always happy to help with any patient-related problems on our systems. He has saved the day on many occasions - we can always contact him by telephone and email and he always responds with a smile. He is extremely competent and nothing is too much trouble. Although he does not deal with patients directly he definitely plays a massive part in helping to deliver exceptional care to our patients."

Ngoni Mukasha, Staff Nurse

"Ngoni has been a hard working loyal staff nurse for nearly 12 years at The Rosa Burden Centre. I have a great respect for her work; she has outstanding communication skills, alongside a wealth of nursing knowledge which she freely shared with me as a student. I have learnt so much from observing and working alongside such an experienced and modest nurse. My thanks to you Ngoni, for your time, patience and kindness."

Philip Dyer, Healthcare Assistant, Theatres

"Phillip is a joy to work with. He is always happy, conscientious and very hard working. If anyone deserves an award it is Phil. He does not realise what an inspiration he is to others and what a fantastic health care assistant he is. He is always smiling and is never miserable, carrying out his job and working excellently with his team mates. He is a pleasure to work with and a great and valued member of the theatre team."

Rebecca Cox, Joint Therapy Assistant

"Rebecca’s colleagues comment on the outstanding quality of her work, her commitment, and her positive and supportive approach to everyone she works with – patients, families and colleagues. She frequently works above and beyond what is expected of her and is a real asset to both the physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams. We all want Becky to know how much she is valued and how much we appreciate both her personal and professional input to the teams. Becky – you are a star."

Richard Clayfield, Catering Supervisor

"Richard goes out of his way to make sure the job gets done and if he can’t solve an issue will always point you in the right direction. He always recognises people who work hard and gives praise where it’s due. Undoubtedly he is one of the best people who puts patients first and constantly strives to improve the services we provide. I am proud to say he is one of my mentors at the Trust and I am extremely happy to be nominating Richard as one of our NBT Heroes. Keep up the excellent work Richard, you’re brilliant!"

Sile Byrne , Occupational Therapist, 28B

"Sile arrives early to the ward every day, to ensure that staff are aware of updates about her caseload, and communicates very effectively to all members of the team. Her assessments of patients are extremely thorough, and she goes the extra mile to be a contact point for patients and their relatives to guide and support them in discharge planning. She is always friendly and approachable to patients, relatives and staff. The whole ward would love it if all of her hard work and commitment were recognised."

Karl Burchill, Domestic Assistant

"Karl does an excellent job over and above what would normally be expected and almost certainly goes the ‘extra mile’ on a daily basis. In the Emergency Department even a slight change in process can grossly affect service delivery and therefore patient care. Because of individuals like Karl, I am able to undertake my job more efficiently and can concentrate on giving my patients the very best service."

Samantha Perry, Mediroom Team leader

"Sam was recently escorting a patient to the lift during an unexpected power outage and a member of the public was trapped in the lift. Sam heard them banging on the door and they were obviously frightened. Sam went to the lift and explained what was happening - she remained calm, reassuring her patient as well as the person trapped. She remained with them until the power was restored and everyone was safe and made sure the person who had been trapped was calm and happy before they left the hospital."

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