New uniforms for nursing staff

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

As part of a standardisation of uniforms for staff across the Trust, new-style smart scrubs are being introduced for nurses.

The new smart scrubs will be colour-coded to enable patients to instantly identify the grade of nurse caring for them.

The colours:

Ward Sisters, Matrons and Heads of Nursing - Band 7 and above: Navy Blue

Registered Nurses - Bands 5 and 6: Royal Blue

New uniforms for nursing staff at North Bristol NHS TrustNon-registered nurses, such as healthcare assistants and assistant practitioners - Bands 4 and below: Grey

Nursing staff have been involved in selecting the design and colours of the smart scrubs, which will be cooler and more comfortable than the current uniforms and allow greater freedom of movement.

Sample scrubs will be available on wards and departments from July 2013 to enable nurses to determine which size fits best. Smart scrubs of the appropriate size will then be delivered to wards from August and worn from then on.

Sue Jones, Director of Nursing at North Bristol NHS Trust, said: "Smart Scrubs will significantly simplify the vast amount of variation in colours and designs currently worn. The evidence base has shown that patients want to easily identify nurses. Blue is the most familiar nursing colour, with the more senior grades in Navy.

"The colour-coding means patients and colleagues will instantly be able to distinguish between Registered Nurses and Health Care Support workers.

"Patients will be better able to identify which nurse to speak to if they need information or have a particular request."

New name badges designed to aid the visually-impaired will also form part of the new uniform, helping patients and families or carers to identify who is who among nursing staff.

New uniforms for all other staff groups, including therapists, pharmacy staff and junior doctors will be rolled out early in 2014.