NHS 70 stories - Cabdi looks back on 16 years at Frenchay and Southmead hospitals

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Cabdi Jaamac initially joined North Bristol NHS Trust on a short-term contract 16 years ago but he loved it so much that he stayed. Cabdi Jaamac has been a domestic at Frenchay and Southmead hospitals for 16 years

The domestic started out working in Frenchay Hospital just after he came to Bristol in 2002 but he soon realised that the NHS and the trust was an organisation to be proud of and when he had the opportunity of a permanent position he snapped it up.

At Frenchay Hospital Cabdi worked in the Barbara Russell Children’s Ward in Ward, 106, A&E, main theatres and pathology.

With the move of most services from Frenchay to Southmead Hospital in 2014, Cabdi moved locations and now does most of his work in the Emergency Department and theatres.

Cabdi is proud to work for the NHS, particularly being part of the service in its 70th anniversary year.

“I like working here as it is a magnificent acute hospital and one of the best in the world,” he said.

“We are so lucky to have this here in Bristol.

“The NHS is among the best health services in the world and I believe we are so lucky to have this free medical care as millions around the world don’t.”

Cabdi recently suffered an injury which meant he experienced care at Southmead Hospital and was pleased to benefit from the “brilliant treatment” himself.

“I am so proud to be Bristol and working in Southmead hospital which is one of the best hospitals - it’s a great organisation, I love it,” he said.