NHS 70 stories - Jimmy proud to be able to give something back

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Jimmy Reeves owes his life to North Bristol NHS Trust and is proud to give something back as an employee.

In January 1983 Jimmy was born 26 weeks premature and weighed just one pound and two ounces. While in the Southmead Hospital Premature Baby Unit (now known as NICU), his parents were told it was unlikely he would survive.Jimmy Reeves

However Jimmy and the staff on the unit didn’t give up and against the odds he survived. Over 30 years on, his journey has gone full circle as he now works as a senior healthcare assistant on Gate 8B.

Jimmy said: “I was incredibly lucky to survive. They took a graft from my dad’s femur and constructed me a palate.

“I eventually moved to a unit at Frenchay Hospital and it wasn’t until I was about 18 months old I was allowed to go home permanently.”

After working in the retail industry Jimmy was looking for a fresh start and started working in the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) in 2015.

After he completed his NVQ Level 2 training, he moved to his current position while he completes his Band 3 training. 

Jimmy added: “I owe my life to this Trust and was over the moon when I was offered a job at Southmead Hospital.

“I absolutely love it. I get paid to work and learn at the same time. I’ve already completed my NVQ Level 2 training and am working on my band 3 training at the moment.

“I wanted to work in an acute unit to see life changing work happen such as transplants. To be able to play a small part in a patient’s journey and to see their life change for the better brings me so much joy.”