NHS 70 stories - Margaret was born into the new NHS

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Just 10 days after the National Health Service came into being Margaret Wilkes was born in Bristol. Margaret Wilkes was born ten days after the NHS.
Her arrival into the new NHS was captured on camera by a press photographer who happened to live next door to Margaret’s family in Filton and she appeared in the Bristol Observer newspaper when she was just 12 days old during a heatwave that had hit the city.
Margaret was born in a nursing home in Ashley Hill in a building that had previously been a girls school.
Her dad was a clerk at the aircraft factory just down the road from Southmead Hospital and later moved to work in the offices of Mountstuart Shipping in Avonmouth.
Margaret married in a church in Gloucester Road and her first marital home was in St Andrew’s and while living in the area had her first child in February 1972, her second in 1974 in Keynsham.
There were visits to Southmead Hospital to see relatives and friends in hospital over the years.
“My father, mother-in-law and aunt all had to be visited at times in Southmead as well as other memories of visiting friends and brother-in-law,” Margaret said.
“Now we are live near the RUH Bath and would have difficulty finding the new hospital in Bristol.”