NHS urges people to get vaccinated for flu

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The NHS is urging people across the South West to get vaccinated against flu.

Flu vaccination is available every year on the NHS to help protect adults and children at risk of flu and its complications.

It is the best protection we have against an unpredictable virus that can cause unpleasant illness in children and severe illness and death among at-risk groups, including people aged 65 and over, pregnant women and those with an underlying health conditions.

Anyone in these risk groups is more likely to develop potentially serious complications of flu, such as pneumonia, so it's recommended they have a flu vaccine every year to protect them.

You can have your NHS flu jab at:

·         your GP surgery

·         a local pharmacy offering the service

·         your midwifery service if they offer it for pregnant women.

The vaccination for children is available free on the NHS for all children who were aged two to seven on 31 August 2016. It is a quick, effective and painless nasal spray. In most areas across the West, children of school years one two and three will be vaccinated by school nurses at school.

We've also launched a campaign to vaccinate 75% of patient-facing staff. In week two, we are already at 33%.

The flu programme was launched today as part of the Public Health England and NHS England national Stay Well This Winter campaign.