North Bristol hosting Deep Brain Stimulation nurse conference today

Thursday, 16 March 2017

We are hosting the national conference for the DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) Nurse Association in Bristol today (Thursday, March 16) and tomorrow (Friday, March 17).

Our neurosurgery team provide a world-leading DBS service at Southmead Hospital, which has been providing the procedure to people with movement disorders since 1997.

The procedure involves inserting an electrode – a thin insulated wire – into the brain, which is connected to a device similar to a pacemaker that stimulates a specific area of the brain.

It is typically used in patients with Parkinson’s and those with intractable pain and we use a state-of-the-art robot to carry out the procedure at Southmead Hospital.

Experts from the team are joining colleagues from other UK centres in presenting their work at the conference in Bristol City Centre today.

Among the topics being discussed are robot-guided DBS, advances that have been made in DBS, determining whether it is the right procedure for patients and ensuring people have realistic expectations about what DBS can do for them.

Our DBS work has been in the press over the last few weeks with the publication of Consultant Neurosurgeon Nik Patel’s world-first procedure to reduce blood pressure on a patient with severe hypertension.