North Bristol NHS Trust to appoint new substantive chief executive

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) recently commissioned, with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol), the Bristol Acute Services Review.  The review was to cover how best to provide clinical services across the city, plus, whether this would be best done in partnership with UH Bristol or we should come together to become a new integrated Foundation Trust.  

The findings of the clinical review are making it clear that meeting the healthcare challenges of the future cannot be purely achieved by the two hospital trusts alone. This needs a wider review across the city that examines patient pathways through Primary Care and Social Care, as well as our acute work and inevitably will take some considerable time to complete.

NBT is committed with UH Bristol to continue with this critical work and engage with the other organisations to ensure the whole system review provides a shared framework for the long-term provision of best patient care.

However, this does mean that any organisational change involving integration between UH Bristol and ourselves would be premature at this time.  At NBT, we also need to focus on the substantial changes we need to put in place to transfer across to our splendid new hospital in Southmead in May 2014.

The review’s extended time line has meant we have reviewed our interim arrangements for our leadership positions and our progress with our Foundation Trust application. The Board have decided that we should now seek to recruit a substantive Chief Executive and, on appointment, Marie-Noelle Orzel will return to the executive post as Director of Nursing.

NHS Trusts are required to become a Foundation Trust and we will therefore be moving forward with our application.  We will avoid completing the process at the same time as we move into the new hospital and therefore we aim to become a Foundation Trust towards the end of this year, or if not towards the end of 2014.

Peter Rilett


North Bristol NHS Trust