North Bristol NHS Trust senior nurses reunited with Move Maker who helped shape their careers

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Two of North Bristol NHS Trust’s most senior nurses have been reunited with a woman who helped shape their careers.

Director of Nursing and Quality Sue Jones and Assistant Director for Learning and Development, Jane Hadfield were both trained by Jenny Beckingsale when she was Head of Professional Development at the city centre hospitals.

Jenny is now one of the popular Move Maker volunteers at Southmead Hospital, helping patients, visitors and staff to find their way around the Brunel building.

North Bristol NHS Trust Director of Nursing and Quality Sue Jones with Move Maker Jenny Beckingsale, who trained her in the early days of her nursing careerSue Jones did her nurse training at Bristol Royal Infirmary before working at Bristol Children’s Hospital, while Jane Hadfield joined the Trust, now University Hospitals Bristol, in the mid 80s, having trained in Kent. Both credit Jenny with influencing their careers and were delighted to discover she was volunteering as a Move Maker in the Brunel.

Jenny worked in nursing for the whole of career with stints in A&E and the community before leading the training and development of staff at the Bristol hospitals.

She said: "When I went there I really developed it. It wasn't just about nurses it was about the whole  workforce.

“I went around every ward and area to see what they needed.”

Jane said that Jenny’s approach to developing the whole workforce by identifying their training needs was the way that her team work now at North Bristol NHS Trust.

Jane said: "It's how I was brought up and it was really founded in the experience of practitioners.

“I was a clinician brought in to contribute to programmes working closely with education services and frontline.  

“My early exposure to Jenny’s approach influences how we approach learning and development here at the Trust.”

Move Maker Jenny Beckingsale with Assistant Director for Learning and Developement at North Bristol NHS Trust, Jane Hadfield

Jenny was already a volunteer at Southmead Hospital before the new Brunel building opened and was one of the first people to sign up to become a Move Maker.

Jane added: "Jenny puts all of her nursing experience into her day to day work as a Move Maker.”

Sue Jones first met Jenny in the late 80s.

“It's lovely to work with Jenny again as a Move Maker, having played a significant part in my development when I was developing as a nurse,” she said.

“It was lovely to discover that Jenny was one of our Move Makers and to remember back to her influence on my career when she was head of professional development at UHB and to see how much energy she has got for patients and improving patient experience.”


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