North Bristol scores highly in latest patient survey

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

North Bristol NHS Trust has scored highly in a survey of patients for the treatment, care and services provided at its hospitals at Frenchay and Southmead.
The Inpatient Survey 2008 came back with some impressive statistics in terms of patients' views as to how they felt about the medical staff and facilities.
Overall 96.5 percent said they were treated with respect and dignity while they were hospital and 92.4 percent were happy with the care they received.

A total of 90.9 percent said they would recommend the hospital to family and friends and just 1.5 percent rated the work of the Trust's medical teams as poor.
A further 70 NHS acute trusts across the country undertook similar surveys with patients being asked to complete questionnaires last autumn.
The questions were intended to reflect the priorities and concerns of patients and were written from the perspective of recently discharged hospital patients.
Other highlights included:
- 84 percent said they felt they always had confidence and trust in their doctor;
- 94 percent said the room or ward where they stayed was kept clean;
- 87 percent said they always had sufficient privacy when being examined or treated;
- 84 percent said nursing call buttons were answered promptly;
- 83 percent said the risks and benefits of their treatment were clearly explained.
Most patients were highly appreciative of the care that they received whilst they were inpatients at North Bristol NHS Trust hospitals.
Sonia Mills, Chief Executive of the Trust, said:
"The results of the annual inpatient survey are very satisfying and clearly demonstrate that people treated at our hospitals appreciate the care they receive. It is a credit to all our clinical teams that we have received such a good response and there is still room for improvements.
"Surveys such as these are very important as they enable the Trust to target those areas which patients have told us are not as good as they could be. I'm grateful to those who took the time to complete their questionnaires and we will certainly use the results to make patient care even better in the future."
A total of 845 patients from North Bristol NHS Trust were sent a questionnaire and 829 were eligible for the survey, of which 487 returned a completed questionnaire - giving a response rate of 58.7 percent; the average response rate is 50 percent.
Some key facts about the 487 NBT inpatients that did respond to the survey:
* 59 percent of patients were on a waiting list/planned in advance and 37 percent of these came as an emergency or urgent case.
* 85 percent had an operation or procedure during their stay.
* 45 percent were male; 54 percent were female and 1 percent did not say.
* 11 percent were aged 16-39, 25 percent were 40-59, 22 percent were 60-69 and 40 percent were aged 70+. 2 percent did not say.