Patient reunited with Emergency Department following accident outside unit

Thursday, 17 August 2017

A former patient was reunited with members of the Emergency Department team at North Bristol NHS Trust’s Annual Public Meeting.

John Collins was among the attendees at the meeting, where Emergency Department Lead Nurse Juliette Hughes and Lead Consultant Leilah Dare gave a presentation.

Afterwards, Mr Collins, 90, used the opportunity to give his thanks for their care after he was involved in a car accident outside the Southmead Hospital Emergency Department.

John Collins reunited with Emergency Department Lead Nurse Juliette Hughes and Lead Consultant Leilah Dare at the North Bristol NHS Trust Annual Public Meeting

After the presentation Mr Collins said: “As an ex-customer I would like to thank you very much indeed.”

He went on to explain how the car accident occurred outside the department and was “well cared for”.

Mr Collins had attended Southmead Hospital for an X-ray back in November 2015 and was trying to exit the car park outside the Emergency Department when there were difficulties with the barrier.

“The car accelerated at high speed out of control for about 50 yards - fortunately dodging ambulances, pedestrians and cars - with the car door open and my right good leg hanging outside, and landing up in the ditch with the car on its  side,” Mr Collins said.

The fire service, paramedics and staff from the Emergency Department rushed to Mr Collins’ aid, cutting him free from his vehicle.

He had four fractures in the foot that had been hanging outside of the car and spent about a week in hospital recovering from the incident.

“I wrote to the Chief Executive afterwards apologising for damaging the barrier and the inconvenience caused by the incident and praised the way in which the A&E department  had conducted themselves, not only professionally, but in a pleasant manner which helped me to relax and cope with the situation,” Mr Collins said.                   

“When I have been in A&E since, some of the staff recognise me.

“I think the atmosphere in there is so great. I think the A&E and the hospital are wonderful.”

Leilah Dare and Juliette Hughes said they were delighted to see Mr Collins and hear his feedback about the experience.