Pharmacy moves into new Brunel building

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Southmead Hospital’s pharmacy team has now moved into the new Brunel building.

Staff spent the weekend filling shelves and the pharmacy robots with drugs ready for the opening of the new hospital.

More than 150,000 individual items with a value of about £3 million have been moved into the new pharmacy premises.

All that remains to be moved into the new base is the Frenchay pharmacy when wards close ready for the move over to Southmead on the week of May 19th.

Until the Brunel building is fully open next month patients who require medication will be able to pick it up from the pharmacy post in the main corridor of the current Southmead Hospital.

The pharmacy within the new hospital has bigger robots for picking drugs than previously, which have taken three weeks to fill. It also benefits from the robotic automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that will operate in the Brunel to transport drugs to the wards and the pneumatic tubing system.

 The front of the new pharmacy opens on to the Brunel building’s main public concourse in the atrium.

Special display cabinets at the front have been filled with historical pharmacy items including vials, tins, pill bottles, books and scales.  

Director of pharmacy at North Bristol NHS Trust, Andrew Davies, said: “The opportunity to work in a leading edge building with a pharmacy that we have had complete input into designing is such a great way to take things forward. We will be able to support the healthcare through the way we provide medicines, the systems we have in place and the staff we have got in this fantastic building.

“Staff gave a lot of time over the weekend because they wanted to make it right.”

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