Pirate world record attempt for BUI

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bristol Rovers will be supporting the BUI's Prostate Cancer Appeal at Southmead Hospital at next month's Pirate World Record attempt.

Rovers are looking for a bunch of scurvy sea dogs to help them break a World Record.

The club is going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record™ for the most Pirates in one place at one time, and we need your help.

And for every costume that is sold through local company the Dressing Up Box, 5% will got to the Bristol Urological Institute.
The event is set to take place on the morning of our last home game of the season against Norwich on May 1st and we are calling on all you Gasheads to take part.

The club are also looking for local residents, Pirate fans and fancy dress lovers to take part in the attempt.

The idea was brought to Rovers by a Pirate loving fan, known only as Captain Gas, who will be helping to organise the event.

The attempt will take place in the Blackthorn End, with all pirates signing the official log before being counted on to the terraces.

All pirates must wear:
A Pirate style hat/ bandana/ kerchief
An eye patch
An accessory - sword*, parrot etc
Appropriate shirt: striped shirt, white t-shirt or shirt
Appropriate trousers: pantaloons, tatty trousers or rolled-up trousers

And anyone taking part in the event can claim a special 10% discount from local fancy dress outlet Dressing Up Box.

Owner and Rovers fan Kevin Cook has offered the special discount for fans who place an order online or over the phone, simply quote Pirate2010 when placing your order.

The offer is valid until April 30th, with free delivery on orders over £40.

And that is not all, for every Pirate costume purchase made, Bristol Rovers and the Dressing Up Box will be donating 5% of product sales to the BUI.

Rovers will be supporting the Bristol Urological Institute's Prostate Cancer Appeal, which is not only seeking to raise public awareness, but also fund vital research into improved diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
Prostate cancer affects 35,000 men each year in the UK and causes over 10,000 deaths, almost as many men as breast cancer affects women.

But whereas women are aware of the risks and regularly check their breasts for any untoward symptoms and go for regular mammograms, many men are unaware of the symptoms of prostate cancer and are unaware that a diagnostic test exists.

Bristol Urological Institute's Fundraising and Marketing Manager, Terri McDonald said: "Bristol Urological Institute's "Prostate Cancer Appeal welcomes the continued support of Bristol Rovers Football Club and is very proud to be chosen as the official charity of the day at Pirate World record attempt on 1st May.

"If prostate cancer is detected early, the chances of it being successfully treated are greatly improved.
"Researchers at the BUI at Southmead Hospital and the University of the West of England are working together on a project into early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer."

The official attempt will take place at 12pm, and pirates have to remain in place for 15 minutes to qualify. Gates will open at 10.30am for the count to begin.

To achieve the record, we need more than 2000 pirates.

For more information and to register your interest visit our Facebook group "Bristol Rovers fans World Record attempt & 'Flag Day' 01/05/2010".

*Because of Health and Safety issues associated with a football ground, real swords will not be allowed.

Visit http://www.dressingupbox.com/ or call 0117 960 0675 to find your perfect fancy dress outfit.

If men have any symptoms such as those described below and are concerned, then they should visit their GP and discuss having a PSA Test.

Possible symptoms:
• A frequent need to pass urine at night-time
• A need to rush to the toilet
• Difficulty in starting to pass urine and straining, or a long time to finish
• A weak flow
• A feeling that the bladder has not emptied
• Pain on passing urine