Southmead Hospital transplant patient encourages others to sign up to the organ donation register

Friday, 8 September 2017

A patient who received a kidney transplant at Southmead Hospital is encouraging people to sign up to the organ donation register during Organ Donation Week (4-10 September 2017).

Donor recipient Bill Davy

Cheltenham resident Bill Davy suffered from high blood pressure resulting in kidney failure. 

Bill had been on dialysis for eight months before being notified of a donor match in early June 2017.

“I was delighted and surprised to hear that a match was available. I was notified of the match at 5:15pm, and was in surgery at Southmead Hospital by 11pm,” said Bill.

Eleven weeks on from his operation, Bill is recovering well: “I have had a terrific recovery process. So far I have had no side effects, apart from being unable to drive for the first four weeks.”

Bill describes the donor and their family as “terrific” people for enabling him to have a new lease of life.

“I feel sorry that the family lost someone dear to them. I sent them an anonymous letter telling them how grateful I am. After being on dialysis, the transplant brings less interference in life,” said Bill.

During Organ Donation Week, Bill is encouraging people to join the organ donation register and help out others who need a transplant.

Bill explained: “I was on the organ donor register. I think it’s important to promote organ donation because being an organ donor is fair. If you found that you, or someone you loved, needed a transplant, you would hope one was available. I also urge people to give blood. Medics also need the whole body to train on, so I’d recommend donating your body too.”

Justin Morgan, transplant surgeon at North Bristol NHS Trust, said: “Mr Davy is a great example of how much patients with serious long-term health issues can have their lives improved by the gift of life by a donor and their family.

“Unfortunately there are far more people waiting for a life-saving transplant than there are organs donated. I would urge people to sign up to the organ donor register so that more people like Mr Davy can return to living a full and healthy life.”